Independence, Missouri Champions Return Of Second Rate Local Sports

Discount "pro-sports" attractions often feature earnest play, better access for fans and a much more enjoyable experience for patrons.

And so, meth town hypes cold weather activities amid pandemic precautions . . .

KC Mavericks, Comets prepare to resume play with fans in stands at Cable Dahmer Arena

INDEPENDENCE, Mo. - The Chiefs and Sporting KC have returned to play with fans in the stands, and now so will a pair of the city's indoor professional franchises. Larry Hovick calls March 12 the day the music died. It was the start of the coronavirus shutdown for concerts and pro sports inside Independence's Cable Dahmer [...]


  1. Independence is where the mayor has a nice set of big luscious tits.

  2. And where the other, and better, statue of Andrew Jackson is.


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