History Of Kansas City Squirrels Revealed

Right now we stumble upon a fun fact which deserves consideration and reminds us that migration is a part of nature. Posted for a brief respite from bad news and, of course, expecting that one of the nuts who read this blog might object to these furry friends.

Take a look . . .

Squirrels are not native to modern Kansas City-this is how they got here

"I was living in Boston, and I noticed that tourists who were from out of the country would be kind of fascinated with these creatures and would take photographs of them. It suddenly made me see that something that I had taken for granted was unusual to a lot of people.


  1. Imagine, one even became our current mayor !!

  2. I won't buy that. Squirrels almost require oak trees that bear acorns, it's as simple as that. Where there are no oak trees you'll find there are no squirrels.
    One neighbor planted an oak tree about forty years ago. After a few years a squirrel shows up. Then another. Present day 2020 there are now 5 to 6 oak trees in three of the neighbors properties, including the first tree.

    Thing is that the red squirrel was the one who showed up first and then the smaller gray squirrel shows up later to run the red away - grays are more prolific imo.

    There are quite a few squirrels living or relating to those oaks. What is also cool about that is with real cold weather the birds of prey will show up and thin the squirrel herd down to almost nothing.

    A few red tail hawks, a kestrel or two and sometimes a smaller owl usually take care of business on a yearly basis.

    I ain't got nothing better to do - the turkey is in slow roast mode.

  3. ^^^ EXCELLENT comment.

  4. Where did the Black squirrels come from ? Black Squirrels Matter

  5. Lightning bugs and chiggers, two other things that absolutely fascinate out-of-towners

  6. A squirrel could have wrote that shallow barely researched if at all story. Likely written by a recent graduate.

  7. Obviously the author never set foot to ground anyplace in rural Missouri, and believes that "Tree Rats" can somehow tell where the City Limits are.

    Good eating, though. (The Rats, not the author - too dry and sour.)

  8. There are hundreds of thousands in the metro now. Tree rats do a lot of damage.

  9. .....they make a fine 'perloo' I'm told.....
    how do they learn to waterski though?


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