Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Hannah Fizer's Father Shares Testimony After Unarmed Daughter Shot Dead By Police

This heartbreaking story isn't from an activist and doesn't seem to advocate "systemic" change . . . There's simply a push for more accountability from law enforcement that is taking hold in rural Missouri.

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Father loses daughter in deadly Sedalia traffic stop; change is underway

SEDALIA, Mo. - There's a single surveillance video camera that recorded Hannah Fizer's last moments alive before a Pettis County sheriff's deputy shot and killed her during a traffic stop in June. It's hard to watch - not even her father has done so.


Anonymous said...

Buh, Buh, Buh, I only thought police shot 'unarmed' black men?

Anonymous said...

When you scream at a cop you have a gun and will kill him - well most cops will believe you.

Good shooting officer. She would have threatened a soccer mom with the same
"i am going to kill you" rebel yell later that day anyhow. And she did have a CRIMINAL RECORD!

Anonymous said...

^^^ No mercy scumbag and a defense that nobody believes. The Sheriff lost his job over this, looks like there will be more reform. That cop screwed over more people than he ever helped. People have the right to voice their complaints.

Anonymous said...

How do me know the woman said I'm going to kill you.