Faith Communities Confront 2020 Change

Nothing is ever going to be the same after the pandemic. This town's top faith writer considers the aftermath of COVID-19 and its impact on churches and their mission.

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After a year like 2020, is there a way forward for faith?

If faith communities know one thing after experiencing the traumatic, disruptive, costly but enlightening year of 2020, they know that there's no going back to whatever normal was. Normal was mostly broken even before the pandemic, even before police murdered...


  1. No there's no going back to normal the communist take over is happening now. Those who will lay down and take it will not have a normal life, those who fight will fight for a normal life back. Which is it going to be?

  2. "Normal was mostly broken even before the pandemic, even before police murdered George Floyd,.."

    Lairs like Billy T stoke the fires of hatred in the face of the facts. St. George Floyd was higher than GG Allin and in the clutches of death's arms BEFORE the cops showed up. The autopsy showed that his lungs were 3 times a large as normal (So Billy, he couldn't fuckin breathe, which, is what he keeps saying to the cops way, way, way before you see him on the ground - watch the entire video, not just the few minutes forced down your throat by the corrupt MSM, DNC. Big Tech Progressive scum.). He had lethally overdosed himself and THAT, YOU LIAR, IS WHY HE IS DEAD.

    "In response to the Covid pandemic, he adds, "nothing could be less Christian" than not to wear a mask or observe social distancing because that is "a refusal to accept a basic minimum responsibility for the well-being of others."

    No, nothing could be less Christian that pushing your flock to bend the knee to specious, unproven diktats from tyrants (Like the fuckin Romans inflicted on Jesus' Jews) in order to improve your personal position, power and sinecure (Like the Pharisees) at the expense of that same flock.

    Your Pharisee "virtue signaling" is exactly why Jesus started a fist fight in the temple the weekend the Romans killed him for his disobedience.

  3. Allah sucks goat dick. All Muslims suck goat dick.

  4. Floyd suffered from severe heart diseases. Dr. Gregory David, a medical examiner of Jefferson County, Alabama said “He has some underlying conditions,” which meant he would not do well under stress.

    George Floyd’s criminal record includes 5 convictions related to theft, possession, and trade of coke. Floyd was arrested five times in 20 years, his last cocaine arrest dates back in 2005.

    George was also linked to two convictions in the 1990s for possession and theft of a controlled substance (cocaine). However, it is not clear whether or not Floyd served his time in prison for this felony.

    George was accused of a firearm robbery in August 1998 for which he served 10 months at Harris County Jail. In April 2002, Floyd was condemned to 30 days of prison for trespassing private property.

    George Floyd was involved in two more cocaine offenses, in October 2002 and in 2004, for which he did eight-months and ten-months sentence in prison respectively.

    Another cocaine possession conviction in Dec 2005, Floyd was arrested for having cocaine on him and served 10 months in state jail.

    After a few months, Floyd’s charge was upgraded, amending the cocaine amount he possessed to be about 4 grams.

    However, according to the records, the alleged charge was lifted because Floyd convinced the jury that he had less than 1 gram of cocaine.

    At the time of his arrest, he allegedly dropped a white bag onto the sidewalk. The white bag is believed to have contained cocaine or some illegal drug. It’s not a part of George Floyd’s Criminal Records. You can see the package drop on any of the the sites of the arrest.

    He was a 6'6" violent criminal with a violent past who was on drugs and dying the day the police stopped him after they were called because he was passing counterfeit money.

  5. There is no future for the Catholic Church. Hell is the "truth discovered too late". Meaning the knashing of teeth and crying described in the Bible about Hell will be people like Catholics who discover their religion was "close", but not "close enough to offer them salvation from hell" Its a defective knockoff religion. One that breaks down when you die and need it most. Its a trick. Satan's efforts are in false religion. He doesnt sit on your shoulder and ask you to do bad things. Thats human nature inborn into all of us -not the Devil.

  6. And all Protestant Creeds devolve from Catholicism, none of them are tue Christianity, that comes from each individual's heart.

  7. I see Goat-Dick-Breath hasn't learned a damned thing.

  8. ^^Neither have you fucktard, neither have you!

  9. Catholics changed the 10 commandments - they REMOVED the commandment that says "you shall not worship idols or graven images". Took it completely out. Then sliced a different commandment in 1/2, and placed a half in the spot where the "idol commandment" was. That brought the number of commandments back up to 10. Otherwise there would only be 9 commandments.

    Wonder how God feels about that??? Catholic=FAKE

  10. ...@10:20-46....we're waitin' for you to show us just what "goat-dick-suckin" looks like....we got another Qrap-A-Nonsencer here....your 'monkey' in the Whitehouse is headed for "The Mara-Loogie" Swamp...with all the other dipshits....
    ....TrumpMonkey Losers!

  11. Did it ever occur to you "God people" that ever since you were crapping in your diapers, someone, usually your parents, were grabbing your arm and hauling you off somewhere to hear some preacher, priest, rabbi, imam fill you with nonsense about an invisible sky man, before you ever had a chance to REASON for yourselves?

    Why did they do that? Because that's what they experienced.

    You DID NOT LEARN about God! You were (ARE STILL BEING) TOLD YOU HAD TO BELIEVE IN the sky man's existence. (In many cases by preachers with IQ's around room temperature, and often with a somewhat Southern drawl.)

    Depending on your planetary locale, you would now be worshiping Allah (Quran), Christ (Bible), Buddah (Sutras) and witch doctors tossing bones, with the same fervor, insisting that was the only way.

    Have a little courage and take a minute to consider that. Look around and see if you really perceive EVIDENCE of an invisible, compassionate, all powerful being who really cares and thinks about YOU as an individual.

    Don't start quoting verses from the many different bibles, written by folks who had no idea about the immensity of the universe, and mostly thought the Earth was flat and the sun revolved around it and, at the speed of light, (around 186,500 mph) it would take about 100,000 years JUST TO CROSS OUR MILKYWAY GALAXY (among millions or trillions of other galaxies). Instead THINK. That is NOT A SIN. You've been told it is, but IT IS NOT. Or go listen to Joel Osteen or Falwell Jr.

    1. Mm no. Casual atheism is just ignorance. All you present are stereotypes. Do you actually know anything about the books you critique?

  12. Surprised the Pope hasn't yet nominated George Floyd for sainthood so his followers can pray to him...

  13. I thought Bill said he would write any more.
    Why do retired writers think anyone will change from their words?

    Bill should get on the internet and see what intelligence says about retired news people and egotism as it relates to liberalism

  14. "No there's no going back to normal the communist take over is happening now."

  15. Anyone thats ever studied DNA, human or otherwise, and understands it believes in God.

    If a 5 year old found a reem of paper with a C++ computer program printed on it he would not understand it. But behind it is a creator.

    If a 50 year old found a reem of paper with a DNA sequence printed on it, he would not understand it. But never the less behind it is a creator.

    And DNA is about 1 billion times more complex than C++ - but each time its perfect - with NO mistakes (barring environmental factors).

  16. Lol. Someone skimmed through the Wikipedia page on the teleological argument. If there is a creator behind C++, then who is the creator of God? Let me guess God doesn't need a creator, does s/he?

  17. 3:23 Understanding the indifferent, dualistic God that is the basis for the Occident's Judeo/Christian world religions, is not necessarily a bad thing (Pascal's Gambit), but, it is frustrating.

    Oriental philosophy - religions do NOT discount the western experience, but enfold it in logic imo, with answers that make sense.

  18. Chuck:
    I don't care if you or anyone else believes in God or not. I just don't like seeing the watchmaker analogy repackaged every few years but use scientific terms or programming languages to make themselves sound intelligent. It is the new branding for an old product that should have been discontinued in the 1800s.

  19. Guy Urinating On Monolith In Utah11/25/20, 3:51 PM

    Billy's articles are really just so many book reviews, aren't they ? A postscript about one "oppressed" group or another usually follows. As long as the putrid (and hardly original) anti-White lies prevail. I wonder how long it would take to break every bone in in Billy's face ? Seven seconds ? Twelve seconds ?

  20. If God doesnt exist then our laws are just massively changing, fleeting rules depending on who is in charge. Remember you could legally hang a starving kid in merry old england 200 years ago for stealing a muffin.

    So that being said - if I dont want to recognize todays fleeting laws as valid, that are changing and will be completely different in 100 years - is it OK for someone to kill your children for fun this week?

    After all, there is no universal law set by a creator, and no punishment after I die for any crimes I do. So might you understand if someone kills your kids? How could you dare say its wrong (just because you dont like it)!


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