Tuesday, November 03, 2020


Few people expected a winner on election night and this contest looks like it will drag on until the morning.

Still . . . The so-called Blue Wave for the Democratic Party never materialized and there hasn't yet been a knockout punch landed by either candidate. So far the whole hot mess looks like it's coming down to just a few states.

And so we'll take a pause whilst the counting continues.

As always, TKC late night reader predictions and perspectives are always welcomed. 

Check the links . . .

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Fox News: Key battleground states hang in balance as presidential battle stretches to Wednesday morning

Guardian: Trump makes baseless voter fraud claims and falsely declares victory despite no clear result

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Developing . . .


Homer said...

Don't blame me, I voted for Kodos.

Anonymous said...

C'mon and stuff those ballots Philly!

You can do it!

You heard it here first said...

Supreme Court will decide this one.

The big surprise will be that they'll call it for Biden & Co.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame me, I wrote in Ken Bone.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

They are dragging this election out and Pennsylvania is trying to cheat. The counties in Pennsylvania are all leaning red except for a few in Philly and a big portion of Pittsburgh. A couple of other states are dragging out trying to cheat.

Alpinista said...

^^No one is trying to cheat, unless you count over 40 suits aimed at disenfranchising minority voters. Voter suppression disguised as defending against non-existent voter fraud.

Trump doesn't want all of the ballots counted.

Anything less isn't democracy.

Anonymous said...

Give us some examples of voter disenfranchisements.

Anonymous said...

The mail in ballots will turn it to Biden. The fix is in.

Anonymous said...

Biden is already up and they are still counting.

Soon enough it will be President-elect Biden.

Anonymous said...

The IRS criminal investigators are moving in on Trump. He is scared. Everything he does is an effort to avoid tax prison

The magic wall said...

Even CNN says Trump is winning Pennsylvania, he is winning in Michigan. He will win the election.

Sorry, not sorry.

Anonymous said...

This stress will kill Trump, I expect a heart attack anytime. He is fat, he is old, he is under stress, he gets no excercise, he took hydrocloriquine which can be deadly. He needs to report to a hospital now and go under Dr's care.

Anonymous said...

PA already started cheating with the screwy rules they’re using courtesy of their partisan Supreme Court and Democrat Attorney General. And come on, man! Trump might be chubby but Biden is brain-dead.

Kent said...

Dorks, even Msnbc says that he still has a good chance to win in Michigan and Pennsylvania. He has a very good chance of winning this thing by tomorrow morning.

Or if he takes Michigan and Wisconsin, it's over, he wins.

Anonymous said...

Kent- who is “he”? Trump or Biden?

Biden is so old and fragile he didn’t campaign or couldn’t like Trump. So much good energy during when it counted!

Biden was a hiding in his basement full of Geritol and Depends. Likely didn’t know where he was...same as his supporters. Shout out to liberal media for posting all the pics and vids of frail old Joe in masks and weak voice.