COVID-19 Kills Kansas City Firefighter

Tragic news his morning as the death toll from the pandemic continues to impact local lives throughout the metro AND first responders. 

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Kansas City Firefighter dies from COVID-19

A captain with the Kansas City Fire Department died in the line of duty from COVID-19. The local fire union tweeted the news Saturday morning, saying it's "heartbroken to share the news" about Robert "Bobby" Rocha. Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas tweeted about the news, sending his condolences to Rocha's family and the fire department.


  1. Maybe this is one of those you turn off the comments. Nothing good can come of it.

  2. But I thought the virus was fake?? You dumb fuckers. Condolences to his family and the rest of his KCFD brothers & sisters.

    1. Because one death verifies all the fear mongering!

      Stay in your house. Obey.

  3. Condolences. We lost one of the good guys.

  4. Do not assume that all Firemen and Cops are "good guys".
    Some are. Some aren't.

  5. Probably died of a HEART ATTACK caused by all those THICK JUICY STEAKS they CONSTANTLY eat at the firehouse on the TAXPAYERS' DIME!

    But yeah it's all a hoax, because that's all you guys ever say.

  6. Let's see his chart.

  7. 12:41 Citizen, you are guilty of wrongthink! The Party seeks not to control, but to protect! Wear your mask with a conformist's pride!Xxx

  8. ^^Such a pity it took a good man Like Bobby and spared you. Fingers crossed it gets you and your family next.

  9. I am sorry this man died of Covid. That being said, he died of COVID!!! it was NOT in the line of duty!!! He was a firefighter and died of COVID not while doing fire fighting related employment. Otherwise everyone who dies of Covid died in the line of duty and that makes no sense.

  10. ^^and yet he contracted COVID while doing his duty as a fireman, you stupid motherfucker, thus he died in the line of fucking duty! Goddamn, why are white people so fucking dumb?

  11. who said he got exposed on duty or at the local bar?????????????? asshole!!!!!

  12. 3:42 comment is a RATIONAL THINKER, capable of still thinking for themselves.

    Here's the quote:
    "A captain with the Kansas City Fire Department died in the line of duty Saturday from COVID-19."

    (No disrespect to the individual named, 1st responders, or anyone else)

    The quote is an obvious FABRICATION. That everyone didn't catch the lie speaks volume to the state of SHEEPLEDOM in the area and nation. That this apparently passes for journalism is a testament to the profession smoldering in the last throes of their incineration.

  13. I knew Bobby. He was exposed at work, not at a bar. He was a good man, and did many acts of charity in his neighborhood for elderly and disabled neighbors. He was a professional, and was admired by his coworkers. He did a job most of you couldn't or wouldn't do.

  14. I am sorry for you loss and i am sure he was a good man but there a thousand ways he could have been infected. Its just not fair to nurses and doctors who work with Covid patients everyday when you claim "in the line of duty". Unless of course he dealt with Covid patients everyday like health care workers. Otherwise we could say a healthcare worker who died in a car crash was killed in the line of duty. Just because he was a firefighter does not mean his death was in the line of duty. There are also workmens comp issues that come with that blanket statement.

  15. 8:05 pm ... you have no idea what the fu@k you are talking about. Best if you went back to polishing your participation awards and planning your ninja costume for the next BLM protest.

  16. Sorry 6:41 comment, but YOU don't know what you're talking about.

    Unless someone spends all their hours in a sealed protective suit with filtered respiration system, and only breaks the seal in a single location, you have NO PROOF where the person came in contact with the virus.

    It's practically impossible to track the transmission route.

    A first responder, a nurse/doctor, could work full-time without a mask seeing Covid-19 patients and not catch the virus. Then on their way home, they stop to buy something at the grocery and unknowingly breathe in virus particles that are floating in the air. It happens every year with the seasonal flu.


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