Congressman Cleaver Wins With Biden

A sneak peek at Kansas City's most powerful elected officials possibly stepping up his game in the very near future. 

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Congressman Emanuel Cleaver could have a lot of influence in a Biden presidency

One person who could have a lot of influence in a Joe Biden presidency is Kansas City Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II.Cleaver was with the Biden campaign when Biden wasn't cool early on, and Cleaver is one of the few senior congressional Democrats in this region and he knows it."I may


Anonymous said…
Count those votes!
Anonymous said…
"I may very well be called on upon by the president to help him some of the critical things he has to do in those areas, and do it rather quickly," said Cleaver.

Notice that Cleaver has difficulty (just like Biden) thinking straight and speaking clearly?

Does the Cleaver quote (above) from the KMBC article make sense?

Local media has been helping Congressman Carwash hide his dementia for years. Close observers first detected the cognitive impairment a good 10 years or more ago.
Anonymous said…
Eric King is being tortured for an alleged arson at his midtown office. Cleaver could have stepped in and gave Eric King probation but Cleaver insist on sending you men off to prison to be tortured.
KC said…
Maybe Sloppy Joe needs advice on buying a car wash??
Anonymous said…
Can Biden get Cleaver to pay his taxes?
Anonymous said…
They say in government if you’re at the top to pick people that are dumber than you to make you look smarter. If this is true then rapey joe picked the perfect loser in the cleave.
Anonymous said…
In order to have influence, it would probably help if you had some actual constructive ideas.
Cleaver's idea of being in Congress is to occasionally bring home some "walking around money" to selected groups and individuals in his district.
Tax, tax.
Spend, spend.
Elect, elect.
He's just another chapter in the Congressional playbook for dummies.
After all these years, he's nothing more than a chairman of an obscure subcommittee.
The influence will be coming from Congressman Jim Clyburn from South Carolina, who rescued Biden in the primary.
Cleaver and Davids.
Anonymous said…
Cleaver wins for Cleaver. White, Black and Latino's lose because Cleaver is only worried about Cleaver.