Thursday, November 19, 2020

Clay County Secret Deal Signed

Clay County Secret Deal Signed

Credit where it's due for this follow-up that exposes shady government tactics on the nice side of the bridge.

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New severance agreement signed behind closed doors for outgoing Clay County employee

KMBC 9 Investigates has learned about a sixth severance package signed behind closed doors for another member of the Clay County administration. Clay County human resources manager D'On Walker is scheduled to receive more than $17,000 in a severance settlement after claiming a "hostile work environment," along with taxpayer-funded legal protection after Walker leaves the post.The agreement is similar to five other severance agreements released through an unsigned news release late on Election Day.


Reality Speaker said...

If the figures stated are true, this means that the average severance for each of the 5 was/is $70,000 each. Then add the $17,000 for the butt hurt 6th employee.

Sounds like Clay County has a bad case of Jackson County virus. Good on the auditor. Don't sign off on this. Force a court case.

Anonymous said...

And we all know the identities of the two Commissioners who are still stealing Clay County Tax Dollars and shoving them into their lackeys pockets, and who the ONE Commissioner who voted against this crap was don't we?
(Top Photo - Lefty, Nolte, Shifty)

Anonymous said...

This is standard practice to avoid costly litigation. Offer a severance, sign a waiver of claim etc.

Anonymous said...

"plus any expenses for legal fees and paid testimony of $300-$500 per day for any future inquiries into the county's practices."

Sounds like they expect criminal investigations.