Clay County Constitution Coming Soon

New rules for amateur Northland middle-class white politicos to follow as they bring political ambitions to a standstill whilst slap fighting and exchanging blood curses with neighbors. 

Take peek at these hopefuls putting hoping to put on a worthwhile little government show . . .

New era begins in Clay County government after voters adopt new constitution

LIBERTY, Mo. - On Tuesday, voters in Clay County overwhelmingly chose to support a new county constitution by just over 81-percent of the vote. The main difference residents will see is the county commission will expand from three seats to seven seats. Kevin Graham was one of the 14 members who crafted the new constitution.


  1. Come on, tell us more lies about how Nolte is "in the pockets of the developers" while we laugh at the rats abandoning the sinking "SS Ridgeway Owen"!

    Oh, and don't forget to snark about the "$600 Coffee Pot", which you always fail to mention Jerry refused to approve but Luanne and Gene signed off on.

    Maybe now the State Auditor can complete the job, and hopefully help get some of these thieves locked up!

  2. Wish I had said this about the audit:
    "...I am disturbed by the motivations of those driving the audit and Galloway's behavior. Most auditors quietly go about their work and in the end release an audit report. This auditor, Galloway, started off by grandstanding in press releases and interviews. She has made disparaging comments about the County, some commissioners, and staff. Nolte is using the audit in retribution against the other commissioners that he doesn't get a long with. The whole audit effort was deeply political at the start. It isn't about a group of citizens desiring a well run county. It is an effort to drive two people out of office and make Nolte and Withington prosper politically. Although the results of an audit may result in findings that reflect poorly on people, including office holders, and even criminal charges, this should not be the motivation. Galloway should have recognized this and insulated her office from it. Instead, she has behaved very unprofessionally and she now has no credibility."


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