Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Celebrate Johnson County Ink Culture

TKC readers seem impressed this artsy display promoting yet another Golden Ghetto tattoo shop as the economy of this suburban enclave transitions from housewives to scumbags the creative-class.

Check-it . . .

'Changes the feel of Mission' - Tattoo shop owner hopes wooly mammoth mural brings people to Johnson Dr.

When Sean Gilbert bought what is now Headless Hands Custom Tattoo parlor three years ago, there was some discussion about a potential mural on the east side of the building. Now, he and muralist Daniel Lucid are bringing a wooly mammoth to Mission.


Anonymous said...

I saw a teenaged girl at Applebees last year that had a tramp stamp on the small of her back. It simply said "MORE".

You know she want a virgin

Anonymous said...

^^It was your daughter poppy. She a whore.

Anonymous said...

No, not my daughter. But I had to stop and think how dumb the girl was. Guess she wanted men to see it when she was doing it "dogggy style", but with lights off its not going to be visible.

When she hits 35 her kids are going to question her on that too. Mom - you were a loose girl?

In 65 years, a funeral director will laugh that an elderly lady he is enbalming will have that tramp stamp still on her.

Anonymous said...

5:11, I’ve thought the same thing about nursing homes that are gonna be filled with Grandpa Ethan and Grandma McKenzie with their wrinkled, sagging tattoos and facial piercings. Yuck!

Anonymous said...

Nothing worse than a bitch with a shitty tat. Worse would be that I worked with a DUDE-ette that showed everyone his Tramp stamp. WTF ? When I worked at Schwanns in Salina about 15 years back . A young Hip hop hoodie mexican chick whipped down her pants(while working the production line ) and had to show everyone her tramp stamp and some arrow pointing to her anus. I bet that led to a million people served from the line workers. People are rather proud of putting crap quality tats on them and confusing that with real art or accomplishments. Seen a million tats, 3 of which were more than shit put on a stupid rebel without a clue.