Thursday, November 26, 2020


The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world forever but in this little corner of the web we remain true to our Kansas City traditions nevertheless.

To wit . . .


As always, we use this space to highlight the biggest FAILS, DISAPPOINTMENTS AND DISGRACES among our cowtown elite and this year there were no shortage of nominees. 

Check our list . . .

Mayor Q Flight Of Fancy FAILS

Mayor Quinton Lucas has put forth one horrible idea after the next this year. His 10-10-10 policy met with universal rejection and rebuke . . . And now his new curfew has prompted an upcoming legal challenge in the aftermath of the KANSAS CITY 2020 RESTAURANT APOCALYPSE. Even worse, the mayor has become increasingly irritable and reactive. Accordingly, we can only expect more bad decisions from his administration in the future.

Dr. Rex Knows Politics & More

The director of the health department stepped into the lime light this year and quickly earned rebuke by talking about locking up Prez Trump. Since then he has continued his foray into politics along with a great many provocative tweets and statements that have irked even the most strident supporters of public health regulations.

Sleaze Scummit Gym Rat Dishes Far Too Much Attitude

This Sleaze Scummit provocateur provides some comedy but far too much bravado in a public health fight that sparks the ire of keyboard warriors across the nation. Moreover, he has inadvertently proved to be the perfect villain for KCMO COVID crackdown proponents. In the end, his antics haven't proved productive and he doesn't have the decency to serve his snark with queso dip à la Don Chilitos.

Nicole Galloway Helped Embitter Missouri Against Dems

Casual voters might not remember but Missouri Auditor Nicole Galloway was a favorite to flip Jeff City and capitalize on suspected animosity against Prez Trump. Obviously, that never happened . . . But even worse, her ambivalence for campaigning and complete lack of ideas or arguments helped to tank EVERY STATEWIDE DEMOCRAT IN MISSOURI. Without question, she was the leader of a miraculous defeat and what was the only real chance for the super minority party to make progress now or any time in the near future.

Kris Kobach Plucked From Republican Mainstream

The Kansas GOP betrayal was cruel to this right-wing vanguard. At all costs, his own party cast him aside out of fear for a "blue wave" that never really happened. An empty suit safely won the Senate and Mr. Kobach has been cast aside yet again with the rest of the GOP rank & file despite his own elite credentials and skills which have consistently proven repellent to the most populous voter concentrations in the Sunflower State.

Stereotypical Latinx Hype Runs Afoul Of Voters

Some white lady college professor invented the term Latinx and most Latinos, Hispanics, cholos, vatos, sad girls and homies have universally rejected it. The people who proudly use this term in any context outside of an op/ed are predominately white "progressives" who don't mingle with any people of color outside of an office or university setting.

An uncomfortable truth: Latino culture can be far more sexist, racist and elitist than mainstream American society but there's not enough money or interest to reform it.  Whilst "Karen" is fighting the good fight on Twitter, some of the bravest women in the world are attempting to stop rampant femicide in Mexico & Proving that more authentic people have bigger problems than name games.

Kansas City Star Carved Into Smallish Local News Role

There is no longer any "paper of record" in Kansas City.

Most people get their news from TV but spend far more time spying on frenemies and former loves via social media.

Even worse, the Star has given up its role as a traditional newspaper and now spends its final days as a partisan rag pushing talking points devised by smarter people.

The decline of The Star isn't tragic or unprecedented, it's merely a fact of life amid an ongoing and continual American transformation.

To wit . . . 


We realize that many of our readers are celebrating alone this year and we hope today's offerings have inspired at least a couple of (cheap) laughs.


Moreover, we hope our blog community is having a good day and we invite suggestions of more turkeys to compliment this list.

You decide .  . .


Anonymous said...

Rex for turkey of the year.

Anonymous said...



chuck said...

Rex Archer "locking up" president Trump. Maybe the pretender to the throne, Joe Biden, for the outrageous corruption and malfeasance that, although not reported by the Legacy media and suppressed by Big Tech, is galactic.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rex Archer for the support!! We were able to open 20 more Burger Kings in Missouri this year, thanks to your patronage!!

Anonymous said...

You'd think there'd be enough proof lying around for "galactic" corruption and malfeasance.

But there isn't, I guess, so do carry on at your emptty table, chuck

chuck said...

2:47, you will actually have to look, I can't do that for you.

The fraud in the 2020 election is so blatant, overwhelming and obvious, that regular people, who accidentally stumble into the truth, must wonder, 1) "Is this real? How did things get so bad?" Then, 2) "Do these traitors/political operatives even care if the public is aware?" Finally, 3) "This is actually very scary."

They/we should be scared.

The corruption is endemic, emetic and granular. The evidence of the "steal" is obvious now, even to those with a cursory interest in politics, but, in the coming weeks, it will be unmistakable to even we unwashed masses. I have read Powell's documents and although I am no lawyer, they are compelling. Witness testimony, time lines, video, audio, pictures, sworn affidavits/witness testimony, expert testimony from Computer experts which show NOT statistical anomalies, but statistical IMPOSSIBILITIES. I can imagine, Sidney Powell must visit some of these Quislings in their dreams and they think, as they slither through the day, that she might, just might, be standing right behind them.

The truth about this election, like Hunter Biden's laptop, is currently suppressed and hidden by Big Tech, the MSM (Including FOX) and your local and national politicians. The "Narrative" continues and the pretense that all is well and that Biden will be inaugurated on Jan. 20 to the hosanna's of Americans everywhere is preposterous. If Biden is sworn in, it will be a shameful ceremony, watched by a majority of Americans, including Democrats, who know the election and the new president are fraudulent, all made possible by the usual suspects/criminals, the legacy media, the Deep State and the DNC, who, in conjunction with foreign interference, aided and abetted his ascendance.

"Though those that are betray'd Do feel the treason sharply, yet the traitor stands in worse case of woe."

And here in America, we all shall know.

The hearings yesterday in Pa. were the precursor to the "Kraken" coda, midnight lawsuit from Sidney Powell that will be remembered as a watershed moment, appropriately timed, in the dark of night, which will awaken even more citizens to the Vichy traitors in our country and foreign governments who usurped the will of the electorate in the most egregious sin against the American people, since the Gulf Of Tonkin Resolution.

The expected stock responses, hue and cry from the pitiless dominion of morons in the 4th Estate will continue, but the worm will turn. The phony demand for "evidence" will escalate in the face of voluminous amounts of same, that will be ignored. More and more average every day Americans will be, assuaged and assured that indeed, there IS evidence of election fraud incontrovertible, irrevocable and categorical but, the gas lighting, wailing and gnashing of teeth will continue, from the traitors and criminals who seek cover in lies, deception and legerdemain. The truth will out and Americans will see, that they were euchred out of their votes. Progressive, presdigitational slight of hand BS will fall short and the outcome, is somewhat predictable.

chuck said...

If Biden survives to Jan 20th, he will ascend to the presidency, ironically, with the approval of our sworn enemy, China, yet, not with the "Mandate Of Heaven". Never has a more empty suit, gutted and spit on the pike of public opprobrium ever been seated in the Oval Office. The DNC is not populated with idiots and behind the scenes, DEMOCRATS will manipulate the media to incite the impeachment of the president they just put into office (The Hunter Biden Laptop is IN PLAY!). While gravely shaking their collective heads at the unfairness of the entire episode and blaming it on right wing conspiracies, they will force Joe into retirement (Health reasons, no doubt.) with the threat of Impeachment (You can keep your ill gotten Chinese and world wide "pay for play" money Joe".). Then with 3 1/2 years to apotheosize Kamal Harris and rehabilitate the Democrat Party's reputation (Americans have short memories.) they will "Sergeant Shultz" the hell out of the situation and return to calling us all racists in hopes of victory in 2024.

If Trump should somehow overcome this plot, then, cities will burn at the behest of the heretofore mentioned forces, allied against the American people (The 4th Estate, the Deep State, the DNC/BLM/AntiFa triumvirate.).

Prepare for the worst and hope for the best, but, I think, at this point, the American Ship Of State is damaged below the water line and listing hard to starboard.

Anonymous said...

This blog comments is another example of grieved white men bitching and complaining that they have been wronged by the system. Everybody get tired of them crying like a bunch of white girls.

Anonymous said...

3:27 It looks like you will be taking the 4th grade over again.

"This blog comments is another example of grieved white men bitching and complaining that they have been wronged by the system. Everybody get tired of them crying like a bunch of white girls."

THESE blog comments ARE another example of AGGREIVED white men bitching and complaining that they have been wronged by the system. EVERYONE IS tired of them crying like a bunch of white girls.

Anonymous said...

3:40 yes but you got the message, stop bitching you ain't got nothing coming.

Anonymous said...

For all his troll posts and a year's worth of fearmongering beyond compare, Tony Botello is obviously a Turkey beyond compare.

Anonymous said...

Goddamn chuck, did Martha spike the cranberry sauce with LSD?

HEAR THE THUNDER? hahahaha. How's your Civil War going?

Anonymous said...

Experimenting, I find 15 seconds in the microwave the ideal execution setting for frying stinkbugs' brains. No pop, no mess, drop in trash. 15 seconds and that lil sucker ain't comin' 'roun again. Gotta find somethin' to do during stayin' in.

Anonymous said...

So still no evidence, chuck? You said last week it was all coming..but nothing still.

I don't look around for the Easter bunny or Santa Claus. Know why? Like your overwhelming evidence of election fraud, THEY DON'T EXIST EITHER.

Anonymous said...

No evidence? I guess you retards could actually take the time to emerge from your confirmation bias silo and read the filings, listen to the testimony, check out the videos, acknowledge the experts, etc. etc.

Or, you can do what you always do, scream into the sky that "Orange Man Bad!!"


All you morons need are bolts in your necks. FIRE BAD!!!!!!

It's okay, genetics are genetics. You got dealt a bad hand.

Anonymous said...

For libtards, the time for their heads in the microwave is 15 MINUTES due to their thick underdeveloped skulls. 4:02 would be a good subject.

Anonymous said...

The Turkey, is Joe Biden and the people that voted for him.

Anonymous said...

I checked all the filings. They were laughed out of court.

Got anything else?

Anything real?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I didn't read Chud's long-winded screed.

Did he manage to work in the word 'aparatchik?'

A 'free-thinker' who sounds like every other QAnon clod.

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Unless to are a democrat, faggot, transgender, negro, city council liar, frank white, antifa, homosexual, Chimpy.

Anonymous said...

I worry about the lady in the photo. That is no way to take a big turkey out of the oven! Bend at the knees, sweetie, not the waist! Keep your back straight!

If you pull a muscle it could affect your sex life.

Bandit said...

I deserve an award for leaving Kansas Shitty! Ha ha suckered! Don't forget to pay your taxes!!!

Anonymous said...

Some funny shiz.

too bad the joke is on us and all of the local business is moving out to avoid a shut down.

Anonymous said...

Great list, TKC!
And it must have taken lots of hard work to reduce your winners down from the almost endless list of local KCMO turkeys.
Unfortunately for the rest of us, none of them made it to the chopping block or oven, so they'll be making the usual mess of things going into the new year.

Charlie Horse said...

If Tony says the Latinx word is from butt hurt white progs and rejected by Hispanics, that's good enough for me.

Anonymous said...

Archer should resign or be fired!

Anonymous said...

I knew no self respecting Mexican would name a restaurant after a small pecker.

MDSF said...

...Hey 'Chuck'...the orderly's are here, and they've got that heavy canvas 'coat' you wanted...with the buckles on the sleeves, and laces up the back...they're going to take you back to Osawatomie, second fl. south...your old home...with nice soft walls and no windows....
there's plenty of 'folks' like you there....wandering around muttering things like.."he won, he won"....evidence...somewhere... long loser.

Anonymous said...

Let's add Chuck and Super Dave to those turkey awards. As always, they were/are wrong about everything. Ha Ha Chuck! Ha Ha Super Dave! Better just stay dead next year Chuck, and you should join him Dave.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good turkey list. KC Star isn’t even a good partisan rag. The humiliating days of the KCmStar hopefully will,soon come to a close. This poorly written, hick newspaper needs to become history soon.No help for the community.

Anonymous said...

600,000 vote spike within 90 minutes late at night. 597,000 votes for Biden. 3,000 for Trump. 180,000 mail in ballots sent out. 250 000 returned ballots. IS THAT EVIDENCE DEMOCRAT.? CNN DIDT SHOW YOU THAT. WHATCH THE HEARINGS. HUGH EVIDENCE. HOW MUCH DO YOU NEED. 1,000S OF AFFIDAVIDS.