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A questioning man's journey into a strict religion

What drives, nudges, attracts, lures human beings to religion? Is it simply a way to resolve mysteries by imagining a god who becomes the explanation for those mysteries? Is it a desire for order and dependability in a world that...


  1. Well, Bill forgot to mention that Allah suck goat dick. All Muslims suck goat dick.

  2. Colonel Angus11/14/20, 7:12 AM

    From the Jewish Talmud: (Baba Kama 113a) "A Jew may use subterfuge (lies) to circumvent the Goyim (non-Jews)".

  3. Bill decries certitude but is damn certain that YOU are wrong and HE is right. He is such a pathetic hypocrite because he cant even see that in himself. Didnt he say he was retiring? Guess he lied about that, too.

  4. "The problem with being so certain about matters of religion, Lesher writes, is that "Facts mean nothing to one who knows. He carries his own reality around with him." Does that remind you of anyone who just lost a presidential race?"

    He didn't lose and this is NOT over. The "Dominion" computer program has been exposed - more info to come.

    Pascal's Gambit is in play here -

    The struggle with "Dualism" and the disappointment of so many in an "Indifferent God" (Hemmingway's suicide note, is hidden in "A Farewell To Arms" -the scene with the ants, the log and the fire.) can only be resolved with Oriental philosophies in my opinion.

    Nothing else makes sense.

  5. If you want a laugh, call Religion On The Line at 7:00 am on Sunday mornings on 710 KCMO RADIO. Just dare to disagree with Rev. Bob Hill and be prepared to be verbally assaulted. He gets really angry at opposition...especially if you oppose killing the unborn at any time for any reason.

  6. "what drives, nudges, attracts, lures human beings to religion?

    a few things come to mind. when younger, some weren't exposed to religion as a youngster. then they experienced it by the church route and liked the different change of pace/venue.

    here in the states the back of paper money has the wording "in god we trust" - long story short, if you want more, go to church.

  7. Bandit/Chuck/Retro @7:41 which of the "Oriental Philosophies of Starvation Justification" do you favor?

    And are you sure it's not over?
    After all, Badass Billy Barr sent out his Stumtruppen, and they couldn't find Jack Shit!

    As a result of that failure, Trump has ordered that "Jack Shit" be fired from whatever Federal Job he has.

  8. With a modest donation, I am confident we, at the Church Of The Backyard Rock, can fix all of your butt hurts.
    We received enough donations to use Roundup to expose more of Gawd's 4 billion year old rock head from the surrounding grass and weeds. Gawd told me (his voice on Earth) he will help those who donate on a sliding scale from a little help for modest gifts, to a great deal of help for those who pay thru the nose. He also said he is contemplating upgrading The Church to Cathedral level and making me a bishop, and in so doing, he says I merit an Escalade. Stay tuned for an official announcement.

  9. Extra Crispy Colonel11/14/20, 9:27 AM

    From the Jewish Talmud: (Moed Kattan 17a) "If a Jew is tempted to do evil he should go to a city where he is not known and do the evil there".

  10. Jewish women love getting fucked by big Christian cocks.

  11. I will tell you when I started really exploring "religious beliefs" very deeply. In 2005. I was asleep alone one night in my pitch black bedroom when I heard something rustling in the room. Having no pets and being all alone, I was 100% wide awake ASAP!!!! I thought it had to be a burglar, right next to my bed! Like someone looking and standing over me while I was in bed! I was afraid I was about to be stabbed or hit. I yelled "whos there"? I was met by laughter and a response which was "I am and then a distant relative's name". I leaped up, raced to the light switch, flipped it on and nobody was in the room! And my door had not opened or closed to allow anyone out of the bedroom. It was 3am and I ran downstairs to call the police to search the whole house. Then reconsidered as I realized nobody was actually physically there. They would think I was crazy. I stayed awake on the couch that whole night. At 6am my phone rang. A relative informed me that the distant relative, the one who's name was uttered in my room just hours before had hung himself that night at about the time I was woken up. He had been found by his Mom who was checking on him after he came home late. I had only met this relative twice in my life (I was 52) and there was nothing usual or any reason for me to ever think about this person again. Being a statistics person, I took the person's age, broke it down in hours lived, then gave a tolerance of +/- 4 hours error, estimated that I had thought of this person maybe 5 times in my life and calculated the odds of me waking up and just "thinking of his name" on my own. It was astronominal. Then I really understood there is a spiritual world. But dead relatives clearly cannot communicate with the living. So this was a case of a spiritual being impersonating the dead relative, trying to bring fear and confusion into an already horrible family situation. Spiritual beings (fallen angels) live forever, can see everything and remember it, know all details of people's lives, like when they die and who their relatives are. They can remember details of Lincoln, Washington, Caesar, even remember Jesus on this earth, where he was and what he said. They have been imprisoned on this earth and do their best to confuse and cause harm. So I started learning about the spiritual world and forces from the only real supernatural book, the Bible. We are not alone. There are millions and millions of spirits on the earth trying to control and cause harm. They know someday they will be punished, but before them, chaos is their only activity. I have never had a night like that before or after. I never slept in that bedroom again either.

  12. Trump is trying to steal the election.

    He lost.

    1. It's not done yet.

      Sorry, the media does not crown Presidents. Yet.

  13. Wilbur Zittles11/14/20, 11:44 AM

    From the Jewish Talmud: (Baba Mezia 114b)"The Gentiles are not humans, they are beasts".

  14. The only fraud is coming from the White House.

  15. Jewish Talmud doctrine states that goyim are cattle, sometimes less than beasts. Jews consider themselves human while goyim would be sub-human.

  16. The Old Testament is valid. But must be paired with the New Testament for the whole picture. It was converted Jews who wrote the New Testament by the way.

    Question: How many readers here, if they saw a person raise many of your loved ones from the dead, who then continued to then live a normal full life, and the person healed people born with disablilities in a milli-second, cured addictions in a second, healed the insane in a second, made wine from water without touching anything, could walk on water, could stop a storm with a single word, could make food multiply on its own to feed thousands from a few tiny pieces, who could predict the Temple be torn down in 1 generation, who could read your mind and knew all about you without any help, who with a few words could change the most evil of all people to become people who love only good and rightousness, and could raise himself from the dead after he was murdered, then after he disappears his followers proclaim him God for decades, under the penalty of death, and allow themselves and their families to be killed for it (even though he is gone) - would you say he might be God as he claimed? Or do you require more proof? Ok, then the date on your calendar is BC and Ad - based on his life. BC/Ad is based on someone who never had a house, never had a horse, never held political office, never a military man, and was never married or had kids. But hated by the wicked people. Interesting isn't it?

  17. Naaah @2:25, too long and involved to be interesting.

    Now the water into wine is interesting, especially if you understand that providing the wine at a Jewish Wedding Feast of the time was the responsibility of the Bridegroom, and that he would have been forever shamed and humiliated if one of the guests had to perform that duty. Sort of gives a different twist to the idea of who the Bridegroom was, and who the "Beloved Disciple" that Jesus left co-leadership of his flock to, doesn't it? And of course, in order to be a "Rabbi" at that time, Jesus had to either be married or a widower.

    So, we have a situation where a "Teacher" (Rabbi) gathered a small flock of followers, left it to his Wife and Brother to run, was executed, after which three of his first followers took over the group, ousted the Leader's wife (slandering her badly) and Brother, then later had control of the group and the majority of its expansion taken over from them by two men who had never even seen the Leader.

    And three hundred years later all the writings about the whole history of the thing was condensed and edited down to about 15% of the original by a Council of "Religious Leadership" selected by a Roman Emperor to support his position, then 1,100+ years later was translated into English on the orders of a British King of questionable authority, and that is where everything you cited comes from.

  18. The Talmud quoted is giving you fake quotes.

  19. Epstein didn't kill himself. Biden didn't win.

  20. Trump won the Election, right after he finished building the Wall, and collected the last payment from Mexico.

    I don't see why the Republicans are so surprised, no Republican since G. H. W. Bush (32 years ago) has been able to garner 50% of the votes, it's just that the GOP screwed up gerrymandering the Electoral College this time.

    Nothing presented in any of the lawsuits yet.
    Every one recanted on the Witness Stand so far.
    Dept. of Justice is the only one so far, no evidence or indications of any irregularities found.

  21. Witnesses recanted? Hmmmm... Who got to them?

  22. Epstein didn't kill himself. Biden didn't win. Masks won't save you.

  23. Q never has sucked dick.

  24. ^^^4:40

    So if Christianity is a flimsy fraud why didn't it fall apart? After everyone saw the leader executed and it appeared a total failure, why didnt the "followers" go back to their previous day jobs and curse the 3 years they spent with the leader - as a waste, a fraud, at the hands of a loser?

    Instead they and their families continued even though it cost them all their lives via gruesome executions. One said he wasnt worthy to be crucified like the leader, so he asked, and was, crucified upside down. Now I think 99.9999999% of people would have walked away and bitched about being de-frauded if the leader was killed and they didnt see anything supernatural. i would have walked away. To continue and left family be killed - well there had to be a reason. And why didnt the world forget it all after 50 years? Whay hasn't it been forgotten?


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