Friday, November 27, 2020

Begging For Kansas City To Buy Local

An important holiday season reminder from a local celeb hoping that his fans will also support other worthwhile artisans and their crafts.

Check-it . . .

Chocolatier Christopher Elbow: Neighborhood favorites need KC support to survive 2020

Hours before opening to hungry Black Friday customers, workers at Christopher Elbow's Fairway Creamery were busy crafting decadent donuts and savory on-the-go breakfast favorites. Salted caramel gingersnap cake. Strawberry rosé and chocolate blackout yeast raised. Avocado toast with a sunny side up egg on top.


Bandit said...

Sorry not sorry. Will never spend another dime in the metro KC. Y'all claim to be really smart. I'm sure you'll figure out something. Probably raising taxes for starters. Get Q Ball, Frankie and the others in the area brain trust together and bend over after you do.

Anonymous said...

What stinkhole can proudly claim you as a resident these days?

Anonymous said...

10:44 hey stay your poor ass out of KC who cares, you probably can't afford to live in a city anyway.

Charlie Horse said...

Hated paying $4 for a marble sized ball of chocolate at Elbows. Rather spend my money on a bag of Best Choice dark chocolate chips. Even the finest hand made chocolates are down the sewer in 24 hours. Sorry Chris.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the concept of "buying local in Kansas City" mean
"buying local IN Kansas City"?

After all, "buying local in Mission" doesn't mean spending money in Overland Park.

Bandit said...

Nice lame phishing attempt 11:08. Google "undisclosed location" and learn something new foe a change. 😏

chuck said...

How fucked up is this?

The guy made good money selling the very finest chocolates, which in my opinion were worth every penny. Shit, a fuckin Manhattan is $6.00.

Here he is, suffering under the Socialist, totalitarian suzerainty of a mayor with the brains of a fuckin pea and now begging for customers.

The entire city is begging for customers, but, as John Belushi famously said, BUT NNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's insane what we have allowed our elected officials, to unconstitutionally dictate to us from on high.

We bend our fuckin knees and look away like the fuckin cowards we all are, even as the evidence for this phony "Lockdown" and the devastating detritus is shoved, smashed, crushed into our faces.

We cower in the shadows as a minority of self aggrandizing, power seeking, small minded radicals destroy our city and country.


Politicians are elected to make decisions that are brave, that comply with the needs of the electorate and are based on logic.

Politicians should WANT to be in the box when hard times and tough decisions need to be made.

Politicians should be brave enough to NOT just parrot the "Narrative" when they can see that those decisions are killing, ruining and destroying the people that voted them in.

Politicians should NOT care more about being re-elected and their ambition, then they do about honestly helping and aiding the people they make decisions for.

Politicians, unfortunately are - for the most part, ambitious and seek the easy path to more and more power, sinecure and cash, even if it means destroying the people they represent.

END this motherfuckin "Lockdown" now you piece of shit!

MDSF said...

..Hey chuckfuckle speak for your self...shitforbrains......



Anonymous said...

No traitorous MAGAT company gets my business. Nope.