Monday, November 02, 2020

Activist Note To NBA Alleging KCPD Racism And Brutality: Will It Work?!?!

Social justice advocates targeting the downtown economy with a protest letter threatens to impact local jobs further down the line . . . BUT the power move clearly demonstrates that doing biz among the current political epoch is tough for brands who have alighted themselves with social justice advocacy, equity and inclusion. 

On the other hand, neither detractors nor supporters of the NBA care much about the sketchy overseas labor practices of brands like Nike who have an intense b-ball connection despite their recently "woke" TV commercials.


Kansas City civil rights groups warn Raptors about coming to city

Kansas City is one of the places that has popped up as a potential home to the Raptors next season if they can't play in Toronto. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes wants it to happen.


Damn All Marxists said...

The Urban league of Greater Kansas City, Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City and the Kansas City, Missouri chapter of the NAACP won't be happy until all white people are picking cotton and plowing fields for free and receiving daily lashes from the massa.

Anonymous said...

Gwen Grant and Vernon Howard: Be careful, don’t come here, cops are rayciss.

NBA: Who are these clowns? Gwen and Vernon? Who cares what these clowns say? Kansas City is a thriving NFL market. Good enough for us.


Dear NBA,

We don't like cops going after our bad boys. But we don't have a plan for keeping our bad boys in-line. We barely even criticize all the black-on-black violence, only the occasional aggressive cop.

Anyway, that shtick is starting to get old, and local residents are smelling its rot, so we need a new peeve. And guess what, it's you!

So, please don't bring jobs and entertainment and raise our national profile. We are quite content just to roll around in the mud.

Signed, Idiots.

Keep these leaders, or get new ones. Either way, the black community has the leaders it deserves.

Greedo said...

^^^ NAILED IT @6:59!

Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Let's see if I get this right...the NBA won't consider Kansas City, same as it never has before, and these nobodies will claim victory. Look how powerful and persuasive we are! Only the Star Ed Board and it's 12 readers will even pay attention.

chuck said...

6:59 Dead on the money.

There are about 5 people left watching the NBA. They are a Pro Sports sucking chest wound on life support in a hospital where all the doctors are Imperial Wizards.

Viewership is down 50% since 2012 and with LeBraindead James as your spokesperson, I am less than sanguine that things will get better.

No way idiots like Le Braindead James will start keeping their mouths shut and get back to just dunking the ball. Speaking of which, do you all remember that one time that LeBraindead James ran really fast down the court and dunked the ball? Remember? He was running so fast and then he jumped so high! Remember? Remember that time he did that? I will, as I am sure you all will too, always remember that one time he ran really fast down the court and jumped really high and dunked that ball.

I saw a picture of Lebraindead James reading Malcom X a couple of months ago. I bet he is done looking at the pictures now and is probably pretending to read it.

Anonymous said...

Wuhan needs a team. Offered to build a stadium next to the biological lab.
Please relocate there.

Anonymous said...

Dear NBA,

Listen to the racist East Side Reverends.

Kansas City is BAD with white folks living here.

Save us taxpayers another major tax hike to renovate Sprint Center and lure the Toronto Raptors to Kansas City.

Always remember, Whitey is bad. He stays at his home with his family raising his kids. Can't trust a man like that.


Kansas City Taxpayer

Anonymous said...

The NBA is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nike corporation and Nike is a Chi-com company. That is how sketchy Nike and the NBA are.

Not an NBA Fan said...

The NBA has enough lawyers and analysts to know that the Greater KC area will not support even a temporary NBA franchise. One of the leading indicators is the lack of Top 1000 corporate headquarters, what do we have, maybe two? Also look at the fact that even the NHL won't move a team to KC and Hockey is a sport where owners don't have near the investment in player salaries and arena's. Yes T-Mobile Center is a great concert space but except for a couple KU games a year it sits mostly empty. Don't get your hopes up, both of you NBA fans in KC, they aren't coming and the stupid Gwen Grant and Vernon what's his name don't have an ounce of impact on that.

F White said...

Hell Kansas City can't even garner enough support to get federal funds directly, they have to go through JaxCo to get money.

Anonymous said...

Lets understand one thing here! Patrick Mahomes is not part of our city and he never will be. He needs to shut his big mouth. He's a freak and a trouble maker. I have a hatred for this idiot more than anyone will ever know. He's sickening. He's one of the reasons this country is so messed up. Not to mention he's butt ugly!

Anonymous said...

Why would we import at least ten more opportunities for crime in this city by inviting the Raptors and other teams to play here? They'll just bring crime. I'm with the revruns and the anti-whites like Gwen, don't come here. We don't want your crime syndicate. Go to Detroit, Indianapolis, St. Louis, Baltimore, or even CHicago where you will fit right in.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

NO it won't.

Anonymous said...


Retro ROCKER said...

These groups have much anger. Just like the people shooting each other on the street.They have always divided the community .