Monday, November 16, 2020

Activist Clay Chastain Announces Start Of His Petition Fight With Kansas City

Clay Chastain has been fighting city hall for more than a generation. During his struggle he has helped to make a great deal of progress for this town and he's one of the few voices who continually advocates for direct democracy and voter participation over social justice protest. 

Here's a worthwhile preview of is court fight . . .

US District Court heavyweight title fight now underway to decide the fate of a KC petition and KC's petition process

Petitions from the people allow everyday citizens to directly challenge those in charge.
Petitions from the people circumvent insider manipulation to put big issues directly before voters.
Petitions from the people give power to the people.
Thus, City Hall welcomes petitions from the people as they would the 'virus'.

The plight of one such KC petition, ignored by City Hall and suffering a MSM news black out, has finally made its arduous way to the United States District Court and the Honorable Judge Roseann A. Ketchmark. And it will be a battle between................... those controlling vs. those controlled; the lowly vs. the lofty; the arrogant vs. the meek.

In the courtroom, Citizen Activist Clay Chastain will represent (Pro se) the Plaintiffs (Committee of Petitioners). And, City Hall's Senior Attorney, Galen Beaufort, will represent the City (Defendant).

If the Defendant prevails, the controllers will be further lofted and the lowly further lowered.
If the Plaintiffs prevail, the controllers will be more disabled and the meek more enabled.

600 days ago, nearly 3,000 KC registered voters submitted a formal written request to the City mandating an election be held to decide a particular cause. For 600 days the controllers, abetted by MSM, have ignored their petition and muffled their voices. In America we have seen the enemy, and it is not us. It is our controllers.

We pray this Honorable Judge will give life, voice and strength to the people's full, democratic and unobstructed right to petition their "government for a redress of grievances".

Kansas City Community Activist, Clay Chastain

Developing . . .


Anonymous said...

If he uses that holier-than-thou argument we can expect a first round knockout here.

Hyperblogal said...

KC where "don't do this without a vote" means full-speed ahead no vote.

Bandit said...

^^ And tax increases to cover the "oversights"

Anonymous said...

Clay's "petition drives" started decades ago and not a single one of them ever amounted to squat.
Aren't there some statues in Virginia he can get all upset about?
Or a governor who appeared in blackface?
Just please go away and take Jason Pander and Stacy Shaw with you.
And Sly. That's about as close as he'll ever get to DC.
Actually, there are a lot of other usual suspects, so you'll need a bus.
Quite a few buses.

Anonymous said...

^^So? You don't live here pussy.

Bandit said...

I'm all for raising your taxes through the roof Millie. Pony up buttercup! 😏🍿

Anonymous said...

^^and yet you don't live here, you have zero voice in the matter, and unlike you, I can afford to pay more. Pussy bitch. Super weird.

Bandit said...

I could pay more. I chose not to. There is a limit and it was reached. You have fun with that Millie.

Bandit said...

P.S. You make sure and cough up them property taxes by December 31 ya hear? Enjoy paying all the other nonsense taxes too and go ride that toy choo choo. There's no wait and it's free!

Anonymous said...

^^I always do. They're never a problem. Taxes are the price you pay to live in America. It does no good to cry like a bitch about them. Maybe if you wouldn't have spent all your money on opioids, you could afford to pay them?

Bandit said...

And yet people are fleeing high tax shitholes. NY is minus almost 300,00 since October. KC has yet to post numbers but that's because ALL IS WELL. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Go away Clay,
you've had your day,
You picked the wrong side,
now you have to pay.

Oswald said...

Clay, please shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

What do you care, Dumbit, you don't even live here, or so you say.

Reality Speaker said...

You need to start your own blog bandit. I suspect folks now just go right by the dumb bird, hoping to find something interesting. I know I do, and I am pretty sure I haven't missed a thing.

Anonymous said...

Hooray for Clay!!!!!

NicK said...

no one cares about yer bs petition, go home carpetbagger