Friday, October 09, 2020

Wrecked Kansas Healthcare Reconsidered

Local political docs attempt to make assurances that won't stand up long after they're elected.

Obamacare might not have been the answer but TrumpCare pretty much betrayed EVERYONE and so this election issue is probably the most important for the working-class -- THAT's why candidates from BOTH SIDES are only offering empty pleasantries and would much rather discuss culture war issues. 

Credit to this report for at least feigning concern . . .

The 2 Kansas Doctors Running For U.S. Senate, And Their 2 Plans For Health Care

TOPEKA, Kansas - The two doctors running for the U.S. Senate in Kansas are offering very different prescriptions for increasing access to affordable health care during the coronavirus pandemic. Both Republican Roger Marshall and Democrat Barbara Bollier want to make big changes to the nation's health care system but aren't on the same page about whether the U.S.


Anonymous said...

Has Dr. Marshall decided to campaign in Kansas yet or his he still partying at the Trump MAGA rally on the Plaza.

Anonymous said...

Bollier has no brain -- or lips. She was a Republican, but now she's a Democrap who is trying to act like an Independent. It shows how bipolar and fickle she is.

Oswald said...

They are doctors. They will try and take everything you have. Thats what the medical profession does.

A Pox on both their houses.

Anonymous said...

Bollier is a liar and a fraud who voted with the Dems 90% of the time while masquerading as a Republican. Of the 2 she's the only one who quit practicing medicine.

Funny how she talks a bunch about being the daughter of a nurse and completely ignoring the fact her father was a surgeon who owned a boutique surgical practice and was on the board of Planned Parenthood.

Born in 1958, which puts her going to work as a gas passer for Daddy in 1986 or so, retiring in 1999. Shit, she nearly spent more time in medical school than she practiced, must be nice riding Daddy's coattails and payroll.

If you've got a Johnson county rich bitch living on Daddy's old money telling us how evil the other guy is for making money. PArdon me while I throw up.