Wind Money Threatens To Blow Away GOP

Here's today's example that all utility companies seek to buy political influence . . . Take a peek at a new power player spending big bucks in the upcoming election against constant right-wing critic.


POLITICS: Wind industry blows cash into Kan. race

Johnson County, Kan., is a typical Midwestern suburb. Its mostly white, upper-income residents pride themselves on the area's strong schools. The county is also witness to a state Senate race where climate change and renewable energy have surprisingly emerged as defining issues, and one on which the wind industry just spent more than $100,000 - a huge sum for a state legislative race - to defeat the Republican incumbent.


  1. Until Kansans have to listen to the noise these things make and they will wish they didn't have them. These things have caused more problems than they are worth.

  2. windmills were a scam to get access to water rights under the land. Windmills do not TURN a profit but water rights do. google it with TBOONE PICKENS.


  3. California Communist Liberals have spent a billion dollars on Bollier's Senate t.v. commercials. Her damn commercials are on every three fucking minutes.

    I am voting against her just because I am tired of her stupid fucking commercials and that fat fucker that says he is a supposed Republican and he fucked Bollier in the ass and he liked it.

  4. You haven’t had fun until you see one of these things catch fire and shit starts flying off of it and then it collapses! It happens quite a bit but they don’t report these things.

  5. Wind turbines killed an estimated 573,000 birds in the U.S. in 2013. I'm sure that number is a lot higher now.

  6. I'm sure the greedy fat cats in other states want to pay Kansas farmers to fill up all the open lands in Kansas with ugly wind turbines. They sure don't want to have to look at them from their 12-bedroom, 5-kitchen mansions or out their Mercedes car windows on the drive to their yacht.

  7. Wind energy is the most expensive energy there is. It makes zero economic sense and zero environmental sense given how many birds and bats are killed.

  8. Is Stormy gonna provide the blow jobs? Err, I guess I read the headline incorrectly. If she was good enough for adulterer Trump, she's good enough for the GOP. My bad.


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