Saturday, October 17, 2020

Wildcat Diversity Chat Suffers Racist Deluge

Sign of the times, a life lesson in trolling and a glimpse at the EPIC gulf betwixt what is taught in college vs. more widely practiced beliefs in the much bigger world outside of "safe space" campuses. 

Take a look:

Racist comments flood online Kansas State diversity event

A virtual diversity event at Kansas State University was flooded with racist comments after a white student who caused an uproar with a racist tweet about George Floyd earlier this year shared a link to the livestream and Zoom call with his followers.The executive board of the KSU Young Democrats


Anonymous said...

George Floyd was a piece of crap. Now does that make me a white supremacist? But it's O.K. for black people to call us names and disrupt the whole nation. Is that how it works? I don't think so. Everyone sees what black people are doing and we are sick of it so suck it up it's going to get worse.

Anonymous said...

“McNeil responded to the latest pushback Thursday in a tweet, “Anti-White KSUnite did nothing but divide and spread disinformation. Now they’re slandering me as ‘alt-right’ and lying about being ‘hacked’ in an attempt to cover up the blatant, anti-White discrimination that was exposed. A total disaster for the school. Pull their funding!" His Twitter account doesn't accept direct messages.”

He’s 100% correct.

Anonymous said...

Probably about time this thing gets started. Just waiting for the flash point. Come on, Man!

Anonymous said...

There are way more racists than before that black criminal in Minnesota died while resisting arrest, whatever his name was.

Anonymous said...

College Professors are homosexuals who hate America and strive to create race divisiveness with race baiting.

Defund Public Universities and let them fund themselves without tax payer dollars and they may have a different perspective on the rest of Americans.

The College Professors will then actually have to work instead of organizing Anti-American Communist riots and protests.