Thursday, October 08, 2020

UMKC Kangaroos Cope With COVID-19

Right now we take a quick look at the pandemic numbers from the city college.

Thankfully, this local commuter institution with limited campus life hasn't suffered as badly as some of the bigger and better schools in the region. 

On the downside . . . The KCMO college respite from COVID is mostly because attending this dump is pretty lonely and the last choice and last chance of many students.

However, to be fair, the place isn't so bad for those lucky souls who have other stuff to focus on besides a good enough college degree.

Take a peek:

24 new coronavirus cases at UMKC bring total past 100

UMKC has reported 24 new on-campus coronavirus cases for the week of Sept. 27. This brings the total number of cases to 108 since the beginning of the school year on Aug. 17. The total recorded off-campus cases among students and staff has reached 67.


Anonymous said...

100 cases of corona virus !!

Sounds like the UMKC Marxist Professors and Administration are practicing unsafe health procedures on campus !!!

No one should be allowed to contract the Wuhan - Communist China man-made virus; UMKC is a complete failure and should be shut down !!!

Anonymous said...

^^and yet it never will be and you'll be dead soon. Weird.