TKC Must See: Kansas City Metro Weed Line

Yet another reminder that we're witnessing the end of marijuana prohibition and the evolution of American culture amid the pandemic . . . On the other hand, this is likely a glimpse of how big pharma will take all of the fun out of stoner culture . . . 


Line stretches down road as medical marijuana dispensary opens in Lee's Summit

LEE'S SUMMIT, Mo. - The first medical marijuana dispensary in the metro area opened for business Monday afternoon. Patients say it has taken too long for this day to come. A long line of customers spent most of the morning waiting to get inside the Fresh Green Dispensary in Lee's Summit.


  1. Charles Whitman10/19/20, 1:37 PM

    Í saw this!
    I thóught they were saying "flower" not "flour".

  2. They better hurry up and open some more stores in other parts of the county before all the blacks invade lee’s summit and ruin it like everything else they touch!

  3. Stay classy Missouri...sad part is this is going to bleed over into KS. Big losers

  4. ^^Big loser there!

  5. Drug adicts line themselves for miles and hang out when they are supposed to be looking for work or at work.

  6. @ 1:39 they have already ruined Lee's Summit !

  7. the medical marijuana rollout in Mo has been a disaster and it is parson's fault.

    we the people, the citizens and voters, did the right thing. but Parson couldn't be bothered to roll it out right.

    no reason there have to be huge lines and prices like this. delays and arbitrary limits on number of dispensaries and license holders.

    have to hire parson crony Tilly or else your application was denied, so clever!

    so meanwhile MILLLIONS of dollars gone to arkansas and oklahoma by the missouri patients. the state took in all this money an delivered nothing. and then the state slow rollout has resulted in a lot of revenues foregone, in the face of severe shortfalls due to pandemic and economic slowdown. wow that Parson is a real genius ain't he

    really not the most sick, but instead the most motivated, able to access medical marijuana. and the prices in places with limits will be very exclusionary.

  8. Why the wait? Head on down to 27th and Benton and you can buy MJ in just a few minutes. Cash only though. And best to come armed.

    1. Ask for Chauntavious,he gots the best brick weed

  9. ^^^ he shore do! It be da bomb!

  10. If you ask the dope heads to work for their weed they would scatter like roaches when the lights are turned on in Weird Guy's house.


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