Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas has risked alienating his most loyal supporters with the city manager hire this week. 

Let's not forget that the Mayor has confronted repeated rebuke for backing down from a fight to replace KCPD Chief Smith.

Now . . . 


Check this KICK-ASS TKC TIPSTER note sent our way that's gaining traction via social media and sparking skepticism about the mayor's judgement and endorsement of a candidate that many locals have found inferior . . . Read more:

"Here is a chart that clearly shows the unfairness of the new city manager's hiring. KCMO has spent millions settling employment discrimination cases within the last 12 years. These three candidates could have a good case."

Take a look:

You decide . . .


  1. Q did the right thing, and he will be rewarded for it!

    1. ^^^

      Absolutely agree. We need new, young people at city hall and this is a good start. Now if only he can clear out some of the dead wood, force some retirements and start making the work force more efficient. Only then can KC start to become a truly great city.

    2. ^^^

      Sounds nice. You should probably just move to Parkville. Still very nice in spite of the drunk mayor.

  2. White privilege.

    1. Ah...I think Q may be black. Weird.

  3. Quinton selected the most qualified candidate. Watch the interviews.
    He is smart, articulate and assertive. If you choose a black candidate just because they are black, it is just as racist to choose a white candidate because they are white.
    Thank you Mayor Lucus for your leadership.

  4. You people should be following MLK's advice and not judge people by the color of their skin. Obviously, this is what Mayor Q did this time around. Much better decision than the overzealous COVID shutdowns that destroyed far too many businesses and lives.

  5. That chart is lame and tells us nothing about the actual qualifications of the candidates. 20+ years of government service doing what exactly?


  6. of course, the black candidates have more years of experience..

    you can't fire matter how badly they fuck things up.

  7. The guy has a master's from Columbia University to go along with his bachelor's from Emory University. Columbia is a top-tier program for Public Administration. Doubt the others had that kind of academic background. A mixture of real-world experience with a strong academic background is often the best approach.

  8. Many of those categories they chose to highlight in the graphic are largely meaningless.

  9. Gee, your insiders also said in June a decision was coming soon and it wouldn't happen for three months.

    Golly, your insiders said "it won't be the white guy" and yet here we are.

    Jeepers, wonder if this is accurate.

    Holy Toledo, I doubt it.

    1. ^^^ And yet, you keep on reading day after day. Year after year. Crying about farts in this toilet blog that you love sniffing. Weird.

  10. I think Q did the right thing. Good for him!

    The old corrupt ways need to fall into the past. We need new people and new ideas in KC.

  11. First this chart is incredibly misleading. It shows years of government experience when there are articles citing Platt as being in government 8 years but only being in charge 2 years. Either this chart is intentionally misleading or it show say years of leadership experience. Also the blame cannot be put solely of Lucas but also the council still chose to offer him the position. I also do not know why all of these other metrics matter. People would still be throwing a fit if Platt had been the most qualified of the candidates. Even when the process started people automatically wanted a minority for the position. Also employment discrimination cases has a lot of causes not just with hiring.

  12. ^^ Good point. Platt has been with the City of Jersey City government since July 2013. The chart is far off on that point. Makes you wonder what other numbers are wrong.

  13. Good. The white guy got it.
    We need someone to corral the darkies and make them compliant, since it isn't cotton season.

  14. This poor guy will shortly find himself in the situation of being between a childish incompetent mayor and the usual suspect mob of racist east side "leaders" and grifters.
    And, as usual, the residents of KCMO will be the ones who suffer badly.
    It won't take long for Lucas to throw this guy under the bus.
    Let the marches, protests,demands, riots, camp-outs, statue vandalism, and shrieking speeches begin!
    And the behind-the-scenes intimidation.

  15. Social media is an incredibly trustworthy news source. Right up there with CNN and MSNBC!

  16. Kansas City has 319 square miles not 3199.

  17. How about we do an IQ test on the 4 candidates? Any doubt about how those results would turn out? Didn’t think so. For once, Quinton made a good decision.

  18. Obviously he's his boyfriend. Both are gay and your rainbow badge of honor grants you new jobs.

  19. Who would honestly expect Qball to pass up some cute white sugar like that?


  20. Dr. Fauci sez don't have Thanksgiving at your house or you will die of Covid - 19 !

    Don't eat Pumpkin Pie sez Dr. Fauci or you die !

    Don't eat a Drumstick sez Dr. Fauci or you die !

    Dr. Fauci sez it's risky to have Christmas this year or you will die !

    Dr. Fauci is a paper pushing government bureaucrat at the National Institute of Health for the last 50 years in charge of America's health.

    So why Dr. Fauci were you not prepared for a pandemic ?

    Why Dr. Fauci did you not have a strategic reserve of ventilators, masks, nurses gowns, anti-biotics ?

    President Donald Trump bailed out Dr. Fauci's ass by Trump partnering with the private sector to manufacture masks, ventilators, PPE, anti-biotics that all have been shipped to Communist China (Biden's buddies).

    President Trump banned travel from Communist China and Europe in March.

    Not Fauci.

    Not Biden.

    Both opposed travel bans. Biden called the China travel ban racist.

    Now we find Biden is bought and paid for by the Chinese.

  21. Trump didn't ban travel from China, daily flights leaving Hong Kong and Macao never stopped. They were the high volume flights anyway, there wasn't much economic justification for the three-times-a-week Bejing-SanFrancisco flights that were the only ones Trump did ban.

    And in 2016 Eric Trump said that China and Russia were the only places still willing to lend the Trump Organization any money.
    Biden is the one "bought and paid for"?

    European flights were not "banned" until August, months after all the Originating Countries had ordered them stopped.

  22. The number 1 promoters of White supremacy... Black people in ever layer of life professional, social and economic. Always a fact. In fact, foreigners including Indian, Asian, Middle Eastern, Hispanic... they all, by their thoughts and actions value White supremacy. It’s socially required to maintain economic lifelines. This White guy had a mathematical chance of 25% of getting hired but when people who make those decisions have a propensity toward White supremacy, he had a 100% chance of getting the job. Everything about Quinton Lucas screams I value White supremacy. He loves being the token. He is comfortable. You voted for him. Enjoy.

  23. We need white men in management jobs:

    Let me tell you what happened at DST Systems Inc. The top white male executives started promoting their girlfriends or "wannbe girlfriends" with good looking legs, over much more qualified white men with more experience and background. One cute girl with a home-making degree was promoted over a plain white male with triple her experience and an MBA. When she proposed a re-run of a failed job during the day the male begged her NO, and explained you can't run batch processing during the day as it would overlay and ruin the database. The girl disagreed, ran the job and several huge well known mutual funds had scrambled and ruined databases. Names, addresses, share amounts, tax data, check data - all RUNINED. None of the shareholders could withdraw funds for house purchases or living expenses etc - or deposit money in the funds for weeks! Was the girl punished? No - she just offered to have sex with her boss, and both of them were happy. No wonder DST went under and a competitor picked them up for peanuts. Go ahead - promote an unqualified women and see what happens!

  24. everyone hates white women.

  25. Good hire. Well done!

  26. Sucks that Q screwed this up. Looks like we actually have a qualified city manager for once!

  27. He didn’t have any skeletons in the closet. Nobody mentioned that.

  28. It's a budding romance.

  29. he likes to laugh, smile, talk a lot, and loves every minute of this, he'll do fine.

  30. Can the new City Manager fill potholes other than the good Mayor's?

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    Cuz he dirtied up my underwear.

  32. Yes DST Systems had its Jeffrey Epstein environment. The women just have not come out to tell their story. Sex pregnancy abortions promotions adultry.

  33. No reach arounds in the Hotsy bath tub now. Guess a KU student will have to make up the difference.


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