Monday, October 05, 2020

The Pitch Tests 'Get Woke, Go Broke' Theory

Let's not forget that this is one of our FAVORITE longtime local publications in Kansas City history. Sadly, new management eschews a REAL alternative perspective and instead is taking notes from cornflakes on police reform . . . Which could be funny if the author didn't seem to be taking it seriously.

And, sadly, this strategy is in line with notable axiom that has led so many other biz endeavors to doom - "Get Woke, Go Broke" is a "term used to describe a company in the field of entertainment that ignores their core audience in favour of pandering to certain groups of people that results in poor commercial performances due to alienating the audience that made the company popular, to begin with . . . "

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Disconnects between police training and policing threaten us all, including officers

In Kansas City, i ncoming police officers spend approximately 1,000 hours training in a police academy for a lifetime career of policing. Of those hours, less than eight percent are spent on interpersonal perspectives, while nearly 73 percent are split between combat, weaponry, and defense training.


Anonymous said...

Die already.

Anonymous said...

Die Pitch!

Anonymous said...

When officers take advice or direction from a Pitch reporter (sort of) Is the day we know the country is messed up. What a reporter should do is rise with a cope for a month, all 3 shifts then tell us where the real problem is at.

It’s from people who don’t cooperate, wouldn’t cooperate if you had a social worker with them or anyone else. The suggestion by activists, not associated with this article suggest having social workers along side the cops will not help. What needs to be done is people understand if the police tell you that you’re under arrest is cooperate. Argue the legalities of the arrest in court.

Teachers, professor’s teach is don’t cooperate and the sad part is that it’s not the so called educators who face the consequences it’s the person who is arrested.

Anonymous said...

How much training do the mayors and other politicians get when it comes to running a city? ZIPPO Crime bothering you? Police bothering you?? Take it up with your mayor and city officials. Stop reading garbage that is nothing but entertainment and fairy tales for money.

Anonymous said...

Good point, city leadership job requirements aparrently do no require training or quantifiable performance that it requires of the rank and file.

Politicians are mostly skilled at metrology, they're really good at knowing which way the winds are trending. Anything else, not so much. MyBad

Anonymous said...

No shit Pitch..interpersonal training is not going to save police lives...combat, weaponry, and defense training will. It is immoral to ask police to face thugs having not provided them survival training.