Thankfully, Prez Trump DID NOT Infect Missouri Senator Hawley With COVID-19

This headline from a Kansas City progressive media outlet seems to reinforce the COVID-19 blame game targeting Prez Trump after he was hospitalized with the plauge that he has, in turn, blamed on China.


Missouri Senator Josh Hawley Tests Negative For Covid-19 After 'Potential Exposure' At White House

Missouri Senator Josh Hawley tested negative for the coronavirus Saturday, sharing the news on Twitter. Hawley previously tested negative for the virus but decided to get tested again to be safe, according to the Kansas City Star.


  1. Yet.

    Show me the Missouri Senator's test results again in 10 days.

    By next week, Hawley, AG Barr, Rudy Giuliani, Ben Sasse, Marsha Blackburn, Kelly Loeffler, Mike Crapo, Deb Fisher, Mark Meadows, and Mike Pence will most likely have positive tests.

  2. ....They were already 'infected' before they got 'infected'.....Covid they can treat....'butt' as for
    "Head Up Your Ass Syndrome".....which is what most of the TrumpMonkeys's fatal.
    ....we can only hope.
    "Get out the bags of Lime"...........

  3. No mask, no infection? I'm sold. In the trash you go face diaper.


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