Monday, October 05, 2020

Survey Seyz Prez Trump Slipping In Missouri

Don't be too skeptical of Prez Trump support falling in the Midwest given that this data comes from a Republican research firm and top ranking consultant Jeff Roe doesn't stand to benefit from less GOP enthusiasm.

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Is the presidential race getting closer in red-state Missouri? Here's the latest poll

KANSAS CITY - President Donald Trump may not have the same support in Missouri that he did four years ago, based on the results in a poll from last week.Trump leads former vice president Joe Biden, 51-46%, according to responses conducted by Remington Research Group, a GOP polling firm based in Kansas City.That could indicate a change from 2016, when Trump took Missouri over challenger Hillary Clinton by an 18-point margin.


Anonymous said...

Of course he’s slipping. He’s going to lose the election. Everyone hates him!

Anonymous said...

If he were my patient I'd have him undergo a psychological evaluation for going for a joyride outside the hospital while infectious.

Anonymous said...

he is slipping in but he is not wearing a condom..........right Stormy?

Anonymous said...

^^^^^You trolls is what's disgusting

Silvestor orgalthorp said...

How can anyone ever trust polling again after 2016?
Election Day they were saying Texas would go to Clinton. Here we are toady with a poll announcing Biden is leading by 14 points nationally and a different poll showing a tie
Which is it

Ren said...

the polling is from a Republican. Despite his faults they want him to win.

I would point out that they still predict as much.

Anonymous said...

5:41 here’s what’s key dummy, the doctors ok’d the drive around after he met their specific conditions, you morons are always lying about everything Trump because you’re stupid. Maybe you should drink some bleach or gasoline to cure your mental issues.

Anonymous said...

Your hero is a fucking loon, 6:22. Not fit to be president. No lie.

Anonymous said...

The doctors are military men and he is the commander in chief, 6:22.

They have to follow his orders, no matter how inane, self-indulgent, narcissistic and idiotic they may be.

Like that one. "I'm highly infectious! Let's put other people at risk!"

Hopefully he dies anyway.

Anonymous said...

He slipped into stormy daniels and pamela mcdougal. He is slipping in the poles in Missouri. He is slipping toward his grave. Each day is one less before his eventual death. He too old to be President. Give us a 40 year old!

MDSF said..., what's super-disgustin' tRupms infected brains sliding out his ass and no one cleans it up, so why don't you tRumpMonkeys spoon it up and call it, an 'open buffet'?


Anonymous said...

Fake news media and their polls. Same polls that had Hillary Clinton up 10% points.

Trump is beloved by his followers. There is no enthusiasm for Joe Biden.

Biden is dirty with Burisama Ukraine and Communist China bribes.

Lunch Pail Joe, as he likes to portray imself, sold out American workers with NAFTA and favorable trade deals with Communist China.

Anonymous said...

In 2016 a large number of people just could not bring themselves to vote for a woman to be president, and the fact that that woman was a Clinton probably doubled that number. This year, many people are much more ok with Joe Biden since he is a white man. That coupled with the fact that Trump is almost universally hated, I think this is a lot different from 2016, watch out Trump...

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Basement Joe Biden rides his big wheel around the ping pong table in his basement.

Anonymous said...

Joe Biden

47 years as a politician in Washington D.C.

1973 to 2020 Biden has been in office.

During Joe Biden's political career in Washington D.C.; tens of millions of American union jobs were exported to China and India.

These were well-paying union jobs with good health insurance and retirement plans that were exported to China and India.

Biden voted for and implemented NAFTA and multiple favorable trade deals for Communist China. As U.S. Senator and Vice-President, Joe Biden received $ millions in bribes via his son's Hunter's investment firm.

Joe Biden is not for the American worker of any color, gender or profession, union or non-union.

Joe Biden is for making Joe Biden and his family rich off of foreign bribes.

Anonymous said...

9:38 is dead wrong. Many women voted for Hillary Clinton because she was a woman. There is no endearment or support for Joe Biden.

Hillary Clinton was a much stronger candidate and five times brighter than Joe Biden which isn't saying much as Biden has a 10 watt light bulb for brains.

Anonymous said...

Biden’s malfunctionin’ noggin
Is covered with terrifyin’ hair-pluggin’
As his mind is glidin’
Into the dark horizon
And shouldn’t be presidin’.

Anonymous said...

Thousands of 74 years have died of Covid. Not the first week, but 4 weeks later. He is not home free. it comes back, again and again.

Anonymous said...

Columbia Tribune...hahaha....HAHAHA. Might as well been the Berkley Times.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Chimpy=11:30, did you hear this from Anthony Falsey? Or, was it wishful thinking said by Creepy Joe? Come on, man.

Anonymous said...

Trumpy will probably win. Missourah is full of dipshit Trumpo's