Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Show-Me Supreme Misdirection

An AWESOME TKC READER shares this local political mention and what might be one more reason to lose faith in the upcoming election . . .

"Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley already has written a stern letter to Democratic Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warning him not to permit any “anti-Catholic, anti-Christian, anti-faith vitriol in the hearings to come.” Barrett’s nomination did provoke dire concern—but it had nothing to do with her religion. "Hawley’s bluster is a typically pathetic attempt at obfuscation. In the reality that exists outside the pages of National Review and the story lines of the Fox News Cinematic Universe, Barrett’s nomination did provoke dire concern—but it had nothing to do with her religion. Since Trump announced his decision, Democrats have doggedly focused on the threat Barrett poses to the Affordable Care Act—especially since the Supreme Court is set to hear a challenge to the law just a week after the election in November."

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The Faith of Amy Coney Barrett

President Donald Trump's nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court, like much else that's happened during his time in office, seems to be simultaneously taking place in two different worlds. In the right-wing alternative reality-the same one in which COVID-19 is less dangerous than the flu, U.S.


chuck said...

The redoubtable ACB, like a sniper in a Ghillie, with the eyes of an American eagle and heavy ordnance, took out the fatuous, feckless Fascists pretending to be legitimate patriotic politicians today, barely working up a metaphorical sweat. The kill shot was the blank piece of paper she held up, when asked to reveal the notes she was using while she fired shot after shot into the maddened herd of Democrat hucksters whose enfilade fire found no purchase in those chambers, or, anywhere in the news cycle.

It was a shut out and if there was a "10 run rule", the refs would have called it at noon.

Matthew Sitman's bootless cries to heaven, are in direct contrast to ACB's stated position, that she will interpret the Constitution, NOT CREATE NEW LAW.

Sitman's premise, that Catholic judges might have to recuse themselves, re: The Death Penalty - based on speeches that they gave, where their personal opinions of The Death Penalty is, again, absurd, because just like Kagan and Ginsburg, two Jewish ladies who NEVAR got this much grief for their religion, these ladies all, stated that politics and their opinions, DID NOT MATTER.

Of course Sitman brings up the ACA as if there was a case on the docket next week in order to scare what's left of the shit out of people who are not still locked in their closets in fear of the Covid hoax. There are currently, no cases pending anywhere that in any way, threaten the ACA.

Ginsberg was, as Illana Mercer writes, a minimalist -

"The problem is that the entire federal system is broken, in tatters. It’s now down to brute-force tactics, to winning. Bader Ginburg knew it. “In her dissents she sometimes appealed to Congress to correct the law.” She didn’t necessarily think it was SCOTUS’ role. (See: Obituary.)

At heart she was still what she had always been, a judicial minimalist. She was stunned by the lack of caution in the Roe v Wade ruling of 1973 that legalised abortion; though she certainly approved of the outcome, reform should have come through state legislatures, where it was slowly starting to appear. She was shocked too when the court, while upholding Obamacare, found it illegal under the commerce clause of the constitution; that had been Congress’s domain since the 1930s. In her dissents she sometimes appealed to Congress to correct the law and occasionally, to her delight, it did."

Maybe Kagan, Ginsberg got it wrong in retrospect and Barrett will get things wrong, but the pretense that Sitman would have you believe - Barrett is a Papist, radical whack job, just chomping at the bit to overturn Roe, is demonstrably incorrect.

Oswald said...

^^^ what the fuck was that word salad about?

chuck said...

By the way, my guess, is that ACB pukes every time she sees a picture of the Communist politician, now posing as a pope.

Retro ROCKER said...

Josh is being groomed for the next VICE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. OR President. The NEW R.N.C.HAS a number of Patriots that will continue the Party work. The swamp continues to be drained. I The,new party don't want endless wars .And they want lower taxes

Anonymous said...

But He's infallible, Chuck - that's been long established.

God chose him to sit in that chair, and after he was chosen every word is directed by God.

What you posted is libel directed toward the Almighty Lord.
Sheer anti-religious blasphemy.

Anonymous said...

It's English. Try it sometime!

Anonymous said...

She is a MILF!

Anonymous said...

TL/DR, in a nutshell Chuck is still a fucking weirdo.

The hearings are a joke because ACB refuses to even say if shit is against the law when it actually IS (ie voter intimidation) or answer any other legal questions. But she doesn't has to, because this nom is already rubber stamped. So, now the courts are packed for the right. You can about bet your mortgage the SC is going to be expanded after this joke of a nomination.

Anonymous said...

While Chuckles is in here, hey Chuck when is that Durham bomb dropping? Sounds like it might be a dud....womp, womp. Obamagate...that's it! When's that thing going down. When is everyone going to Gitmo.

Fucking retards.

Anonymous said...

Well, the investigation is ongoing since you asked, and has already produced a plea deal while not even being done. It illuminates very well, as do continuing Freedom of Information Act releases, the corruption and Nixonian shenanigans of the Obama DOJ.

I mean I know you're trying to be a smartass, but just last week Brennan's handwritten notes were released that shed even further light. Not to mention the Wall Street Journal today, which has a sad and hilarious spreadsheet displaying the corruption and silliness of Russiagate; leaders and the press proven (as if we didn’t know) to be operating in tandem.

You mentioned retardation, brain donor?

Anonymous said...

Nah. You failed to prevent Kavanagh with all the shameful nonsense you pulled, and all the virtue signaling in the world can't prevent this.

Enjoy! :)

Anonymous said...

The hearings are a joke, true. But they're that way because it's just an opportunity for the left to grandstand a little bit, and maybe see if Kamala can make an ass of herself again like she did with Kavanaugh.

Anonymous said...

Yeah 5:54, investigations are ongoing.......lol. The Federalist literally just put out this lede "Why the DOJ finding no wrongdoing in unmasking really proves this is the greatest crime in human history".

I don't know, maybe the deep state is so fucking deep it goes all the way to POTUS and Trump needs to investigate Trump himself....fuck, just blew my mind.

Enjoy your nothingburger Trumptards....maybe someday someone in that Obama cabal will be convicted of something, jaywalking, anything.

See ya weirdos.

Bandit said...

Get the fuck off of chuck you friggin' libtards! Don't you have some inflatable dateables to impress?

Anonymous said...

What? Pick a story and stick to it.

Have you decided if the Durham investigation is over or not? In your weird world it might be. In the real one it is continuing and, again, producing indictments and criminal charges. Just a review of commonly available facts there chief. ;)

But your reply is basically giving up anyway. Ad homnem, no refutation on facts. In fact you seem to have forgotten what we were talking about. That's good for you because you showed your ass and got smacked.


Play again y/n

Bandit said...

Ted Nugent said it best... https://youtu.be/SGCJFkVM35A