Friday, October 30, 2020

Show-Me Snail Mail Missouri Ballot Lifespan

It ends in the trash.


Here's a much more thoughtful series of drawings and talk about the election process that, actually, doesn't include Vladimir Putin . . . Check-it:

One Ballot's Journey: How Absentee And Mail-In Ballots Are Counted In Missouri

As of Tuesday, a record-breaking 628,000 Missouri voters have already cast ballots ahead of Election Day.Thousands of voters are steering clear of polls to avoid catching or spreading the coronavirus, which reached record levels of new cases and deaths in the state this month. The state has followed a seismic shift in American voting patterns.


Anonymous said...

Best to just burn all 628,000 because for some totally unknown and unverified but constantly lied reasons one of them is fake.

Anonymous said...

Bullshit you Demwit, the absentee ballots are fine because you have to sign a form that says you can't vote in a booth. It's the mail in ballots that are fake because you only have to be a registered voter, you don't have to fill out any additional beaurocratic paperwork or something. And sometimes it gets sent to you so you have an easy choice but voting is supposed to be hard, right?

So I guess mail in voting is like booth voting except by mail so it's fake booth voting, and that's not traditional American you dirty commie mail in voter.

Ok so we have to only do traditional American things because illegals might do the new things, that's it, that's the reason! MAGA Trump 2020!!

Anonymous said...

That's OK because it's obvious Trump is the winner in this election, so if by chance they say Biden has won there is not going to be acceptance in the election results. It's a proven fact that some people are getting more than one ballot in the mail. It's also a proven fact that some people are selling there ballots and letting the buyer fill it out. Then there is the proven fact that those ballots are being sorted through and certain ballots are being destroyed. This is no different than the black lady in Florida last election that was caught doing that very thing, and that was destroying ballots for Trump. The only mail in ballots should be service people or people who are out of the country for work. There is no reason why there should be mail in ballots for anyone else. This is bogus.

Anonymous said...

I meant to say selling their ballots.

Anonymous said...

But you somehow never heard about the occasional minor cheating with voting at the booth? Weird you are so ignorant because it's been happening for hundreds of years.

So fucking what if someone gets two copies? How does that mean they can use both even if they want? It like walking in and voting twice. The election people are checking.

You could sell your one vote and walk in too. Do you think there is some marketplace that makes It easy or lucrative??? It's actually extremely rare. Your assinine complaints are just stupid stupid stupid lies.

Anonymous said...

You forgot to prove your lies you say you have proof of. Liars tell lies expecting others to believe. Stupid liars believe their own lies. Which are you?

Anonymous said...

"The only mail in ballots should be service people or people who are out of the country for work."

This stupid ass Trumpy twit called Trump's absentee ballot bogus. HAHAHAHAHA

I guess that was easier than explaining why Trump constantly lies that his own florida absentee vote is ok but other people's mail ins are fake.