Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Show-Me National Guard Help Amid COVID

Big picture news item offers an important perspecitve as the pandemic gets THICK amid cold & flu season. GOP leadership work with the troops as the number of infections, hospitalizations and deaths increase across Missouri and the nation.

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Missouri National Guard's current largest effort is supporting state health department - Missourinet

The governor says the Missouri National Guard has played a critical role in the COVID-19 response this year. Governor Mike Parson invited National Guard Adjutant General Levon Cumpton to Thursday's media briefing in Jefferson City, to update Capitol reporters on the work the Guard is doing.


Anonymous said...

What's with Kansas and these crazy Baby Boomer aged Marxist Grannies like Bollier and Governor Granny.

Bollier is a radical Marxist saying she is a "moderate" which is a complete joke.

Why do Democrats try to describe themselves as "moderate" to deceive the public.

Be honest Democrats and tell people that you believe in higher taxes, no police, burning and looting, illegal immigration, favorable trade deals on China's behalf and high crime.

Bandit said...

They claim to be "moderate" because they know "bat shit crazy libtard" is a bad selling point.

Anonymous said...