Sunday, October 04, 2020

Show-Me Murder Uptick In Missouri

This report reminds us that deadly crime continues to escalate across the state BUT overall the lockdown has kept a lot of locals out of trouble.

Take a look:

Violent crime down, homicides up in Missouri

Andrew Hurley takes notes at a crime scene setup Thursday, April 19, 2018. He was one of nearly 100 students from across the state to attend training at the Missouri Highway Patrol training facility on the grounds of the Ike Skelton Training Site. Sgt.


Anonymous said...

Democrats= Crime, rape, murder, lies, theft, Covid-19, racism, anti American. terrorists.

Remember what Dr Fauci said, There is going to be a pandemic during the Trump administration. And he said this with an evil grin on his face. How did he know this if they weren't the ones who unleashed this virus on the world?????????????

Anonymous said...

^^^ true dat

Anonymous said...

Remember when Dr.Fauci said that The Trump Administration would screw this virus response up and hundreds of thousands of Americans would die needlessly due to his incompetence and utter stupidity? How did he know that????

Anonymous said...

It’s not difficult to figure out who the murderers are and where they are. Demoncrap mayors, prosecutors and judges have blood on their hands. But, it’s not totally their fault, the blacks are mentally deficient and out of control to begin with but the people who were voted in to protect and serve have allowed it to spiral out of control.

Anonymous said...

So the violent Crime rate is down in Kansas City, and the Homicide Clearance percentage is up, but the Blacks want the Police Chief fired - what's the matter, Stacey Shaw's income being hurt by a drop in the number of defendants she and Baker can put back on the streets?

Anonymous said...

The murder rate will continue to be high until the police and prosecutors figure out a way to bring the murderers to justice. Much of the killing is retaliation for other killing. I believe that the police and prosecutors are intentionally creating this system to purge the black community. Another racist action by white people.

Anonymous said...

Standard form.

Take Note this note. Black male, into Rap, kills another Black male. BLM does nothing.

Got Drips forsale.

Wastes life following Gangsta' lifestyle, doesn't achieve anything on their own. Society enters a million excuses and blame comments.

Case closed.

Back to BLM Rallies, meet the Kansas city star and listen to the latest excuse by our local losers and elected twatcakes.