Monday, October 12, 2020

Show-Me Guv Debate Over Kansas City Crime

This might be the only interesting discussion in this Missouri contest that's turning into a blowout.

The former Missouri lawman might have an advantage but let's not forget that his anti-crime session an EPIC WASTE that annoyed many of Republicans on his side of the aisle. 

Meanwhile, the mousey Missouri Auditor has been unfairly tagged by conservatives as a jr. member of ANTIFA and she's too classy to stand up and fight back without the help from her sleazebag consultant buddies.


Missouri governor candidates Parson and Galloway address violent crime in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With another homicide Monday morning, the number of deaths from homicide this year in Kansas City is keeping pace with the number of COVID-19 deaths. There have been 148 people in Kansas City that have died by homicide and 151 who have died from COVID-19.


Anonymous said...

There's no debate that Parsons has bigger tits than Galloway.

Anonymous said...

Galloway wants to speak to the manager and RIGHT NOW!!!!!

Charlie Horse said...

That red headed honey pot sure got a purdy mouth.

Anonymous said...

She looks like a weasel...Would. But only in the dark, and if she is wearing something over those weasel eyes...And Maybe a muzzle or something.

Anonymous said...

^^^ Don't you mean "Couldn't"?
Aren't you forgetting about your handicap Stumpy?
Better go for a ride in your F-150 penis substitute instead and bolster your delusions of adequacy.

Anonymous said...

Crime and murder has increased in KC and Missouri every year Parson has been in charge.

He called a special legislative session about crime that did nothing.

This weak loser has got to go.