Saturday, October 24, 2020

Show-Me Former Guv Jay For Galloway

There was a moment when former Missouri Guv Nixon was in the running for VP on the Hillary Clinton ticket. But then Ferguson, Missouri was partially burned down and the politico didn't have a good answer for Anderson Cooper. 

Now the promising politico shares his support for the current Democratic Party Missouri Guv candidate who still, at this late hour, can't manage to speak up for herself.


Former Gov. Nixon campaigns for Nicole Galloway

ST. LOUIS- A familiar face in Missouri politics is back on the campaign trail. This time, former Gov. Jay Nixon is showing his support for someone else. Nixon hopes fellow democrat Nicole Galloway can unseat his successor, Mike Parson. He was there as her campaign tour made a stop in her hometown in Fenton.


Anonymous said...

Just what a hopeless candidate who is desperately treading water needs.
A big sack full of bricks!
Turn down the endorsement Galloway!

Anonymous said...

Nixon was a huge coward when it came to Ferguson. Something I will never forget kinda like the huge fail in KC with Lucas.

Anonymous said...

Jay Nixon's endorsement is like giving a Mafia victim concrete shoes.

Mr. Corrupt campaigning for Ms. Corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Nicole Galloway! Looking pretty good from the neck down. If she had a mask that would cover those weasel eyes, man she'd really be hot.

Anonymous said...

I regrettably voted for Obama, but the Democrats have gone off the deep end. They’ve become the party of lies, lawlessness, very late-term abortions, violence destroying once great American cities, high taxes on our paychecks to pay for socialist wet dreams, weak military, open borders, free healthcare for illegal aliens at taxpayer expense, defunding the police, sanctuary cities, taking away guns, sending $1.7 billion of our taxpayer dollars on pallets to Iranian radical leaders so they can kill more of our troops, packing the Supreme Court, and more idiotic ideas. No thanks.