Thursday, October 22, 2020

Show-Me Election 2020 Crunch Time

There's NOBODY claiming the contest for the Governor's mansion in Missouri is close.

The Missouri Auditor looked to have a good shot early in the year and she has a lot of people supporting her who are FIRED UP against the Missouri GOP hegemony.

Sadly, it turns out she didn't have a lot of charisma and the Missouri Guv and his good old boy network took the opposition seriously and came out swinging. All of the polling, even from the Democratic Party side, predicts a progressive loss.  

Here's the MSM preview . . .

Galloway, Parson hit the road with a dozen days left in campaign for Missouri governor

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Only a dozen days remain until Election Day, and the candidates for Missouri governor are on the road. Gov. Mike Parson was in the Kansas City area while challenger Nicole Galloway was on the eastern side of the state, connecting with local voters.

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Cleav said...

Galloway just hits me like that girl in high school that would do anything, right or wrong, to get her way.