Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Show-Me COVID-19 Missouri Blame Game

This report offers important data about the statewide spike in coronavirus but then ruins it by targeting local political & cultural attitudes instead of a dearth of leadership and bad policy.

Take a look:

As COVID-19 Swells In Rural Missouri, Rugged Individualism Starts To Have Statewide Consequences

Early in the pandemic, Missouri's rural counties were largely spared from COVID-19. But now, many of state's highest rates of infection are in rural areas. In this first segment of our four-part series, COVID in the Rural Ozarks, we look at one county's tension between rugged individualism and regulating public health.


Anonymous said...

The Sturgis Harley/Covid Rally of 2020 is exhibiting its results.

Protect America from Pandemics, take out a Harley rider!

Anonymous said...

If you've ever set foot outside the Tourist areas of the Ozarks you'd know that there isn't any "rugged Individualism" to be found there, only lots of "ragged Individualism"!

Anonymous said...

This is not true. I own a property in rural Missouri and there is no masks except for a couple of stores that have their own polices and there is no virus. Just like there was no virus last May during the lake parties in the Ozarks. That was a proven lie.