Saturday, October 10, 2020

Show-Me Campaign 2020 Hot Mess Cont'd: Notice Missouri Notary Dismay

A recent Missouri court decision amps up complaints about pandemic voting practices. Tonight we share a preview of how follow-up complaints will argue that the electorate was disenfranchised . . . Depending on which side wins or loses and by how much.    

Check-it . . .

Missouri notary requirement confusing for some early voters

With just a few weeks until Election Day, many Missourians will be voting absentee or mail-in and because of a state law, will require a notary. On Saturday, the League of Women Voters of Kansas City, Jackson, Clay Platte Counties held a notary event at City Market.

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Anonymous said...

Everything about life is confusing for some people. Reading and understanding simple instructions is only one of them.