Show-Me Auditor Vs. SecState Lawsuit Fight

Missouri campaigning heads toward the courtroom as legal drama hopes to ramp up excitement for the Democratic Super minority who haven't shown much enthusiasm for this contest so far. 

Check the statement from the SecState.

And most of the media will take the Auditor's side on this one, here's the best report without a paywall:

Galloway lawsuit accuses Ashcroft of playing partisan politics with his office

JEFFERSON CITY - Democratic state Auditor Nicole Galloway, in the midst of a heated election for governor, is asking a judge to block an investigation of her by Republican Secretary of State Jay Ashcroft. In a complaint filed Tuesday in Cole County Court, Galloway's attorney said Ashcroft's office lacks the legal authority to issue a subpoena for documents related to the probe.


  1. if demosleazeball Gallopaway is innocent..why would she be scamming a halt to the investigation?

  2. Someone named Ashcroft using elective Office for Partisan purposes?
    Absurd! All acorns fall faaaaaar from the tree!

  3. 6:30 spot on, she just can’t believe that someone would question her why? She’s a despicable dimwit and they all think they can do what evar they want. Not anymore!

  4. She looks like a fuckin' weasel!


  5. This girl looks like an evil troll. Does she support the rioting and looting like the other democrats do?

  6. That's Governor Gollum to you, Frito.

  7. A lifer libtard who has accomplished nothing during his entire career names a token semi-black vagina to his ticket in hope of saving his failing campaign.

  8. I'm a republican but would let Galloway sleep in my bed anytime.


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