Season Is Over If Kansas City Chiefs Lose

The afternoon game is off to a uninspiring start. Thankfully, the Chiefs are still up but not looking as impressive as last year. Two losses in a row will hurt their standing among talkers and fanboys as the team confronts the same pandemic slump as everyone else. 

Here's the roundup so far . . . 

Key takeaways from first half of Chiefs vs. Bills

19 shares The offensive line group is really putting the phrase "Next Man Up" to the test and succeeding in this one. First up, Daniel Kilgore earned the start over Austin Reiter, who has been the starting center in Kansas City dating back to Week 1 of the 2018 season.


  1. Mahomie puts ketchup on his steak

  2. "if" is the biggest word in the dictionary.


  3. Mahomes is a liberal puss. BTW the season was over for all of the NFL years ago. They will never be the same win or no win. To a lot of people they are losers and always will be losers. Some employees have had to stop wearing their chiefs shirts hats and shoes to work in my area because I complain to their corporate offices on how offensive it is. I even complained to St Lukes. We don't want our hospitals to be an anti American clown show. Be American don't wear a chiefs clown suit.

  4. ^^^^^I agree

  5. I idiots wearing Chiefs jerseys and I just wonder how stupid they have to be to spend their money on that stuff. Apparently COVID-19 hasn't affected the ability of stupid people to pay large sums of money to make America-hating kneelers richer.


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