Monday, October 26, 2020

Rock Chalk Study Seyz Masks Work

Our 3rd favorite community blogger offers a bit of science for the Golden Ghetto and backs up a mandate that has met with opposition from across the metro.

Take a peek:

KU study concludes county mask mandates in Kansas have stalled major rise in COVID-19

TOPEKA - Researchers at the University of Kansas report counties with mask mandates thwarted significant escalation in transmission of COVID-19 and counties operating without a requirement people wear a face covering suffered steady infection rate increases. Elected county government leaders in 80 Kansas counties rejected the order issued in July by Gov.


Anonymous said...

Just the phrase ‘KU researchers’ should be enough to discredit the study. Did they take time of from their gay and lesbian studies to look at the issue of masks?

Anonymous said...

More doctors say the mask does not work. There is also the fact that that virus can go through your eyes. I wouldn't listen to a liberal college if they said "have a nice day." Oh and the proof is in the pudding. Everyone has been wearing masks so why the massive outbreak again???? Or is this the mad quack Dr Fauci playing games again?

2016 Dr Fauci; There is going to be a pandemic during the Trump administration.
How did he know this???????

MDSF said...

.......SHUT UP
.......MASK UP

Anonymous said...

I am a Democrat. I am very afraid and have been in my basement for months. I know KU is the finest medical research institutions in the country. Would one of you research scientists call when I can come out of my basement?

Joe Biden

Anonymous said...

I let my husband vote on Saturday. I wrote down who he should vote for but he simply wandered out of the polling room, looked at me with a blank stare, and shit his pants.

Jill Biden

Anonymous said...

I see lots of people wearing masks that do not cover their noses in Johnson County stores. They will get the virus. That little mistake will cost them weeks of illness, 20 to 30K in hospital bills and for some, sadly a funeral. The Nose brings air directly to the lungs. Even faster when the mouth is covered with a mask. The venturi effect means 90% of air going to lungs was from the exposed nose. Might as well not wear a mask.