Rock Chalk COVID Study Redux: Masks Work

More data to argue about with social media experts playing statistician & doctor . . . Amid rising hospitalizations and deaths, masks are the best defense against the pandemic. Morever, this is mostly an issue wherein only a very loud fringe group disagree.

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KU study finds masks help prevent spread of COVID-19

TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - A new study by the University of Kansas takes a closer look at the effectiveness of wearing masks. It compares Kansas counties with mask mandates to those without and ultimately found that masks work in slowing the spread of COVID-19.


  1. The main problem with wearing masks at KU is the fact that at least 90% of male students are homosexuals and suck 5 different dicks every day. They prioritize sick sucking over mask wearing.

  2. The idea that the "Science Is Settled" on masks, or, for that matter on ANYTHING is preposterous. The CDC said don't bother to wear masks last month to Californians, during the hundreds of fires that sent air quality into the "Your gonna get lung cancer by tomorrow at lunch in this shit" levels because the smoke and ash particles were measured at 12 microns and that could get easily through a mask. The Covid sneeze particles are, for the most part, ONE FUCKIN MICRON. Jesus.

    The word science, by it's very definition, is the never ending, ongoing pursuit of more knowledge. 250 years ago, we were putting leeches on people in order to remove diseases and it was "Settled Science".

    We have come to the point, where even scientists are afraid to counter the bandwaggoning bullshit from the left, when they are engaged in the now so very familiar, "The Science Is Settled And My Scientist Can Kick Your Scientist's Ass".

    It's stupid, pernicious, counterproductive for all and destroys any confidence that the electorate has in "Experts".

    Dr. "Fuckin wrong on everything" Fauci said "Don't wear a mask". Then, do wear a mask. So has the CDC. I won't even quote the brain dead, blood simple, death grinding stupidity coming out of the corrupt, bought and paid for, so called "World Health Organization".

    It's a fuckin joke.

    The pressure from politicians who want societies destroyed in order to acquire power is intense, pervasive and effective. The largest "Mask" study EVAR, is being suppressed.

    The "Mask" controversy is about control and manipulation, NOT your health. If you think for a fuckin minute, that these politicians give a fuck if you live or die, then you need to quit huffin fuckin paint.

    It's sickening. In Barnes & Nobel when you walk in the front door, there it is, a hardcover book, with the picture of Andrew Cuomo, titled, "American Crisis; Leadership Lessons From The Covid 19".

    What a fuckin disgrace this is. The guy is guilty of 10 to 15,000 cases of Involuntary Manslaughter and what happens? He gets a fuckin book deal, because he is a Progressive.

    Sick, sick, sick shit.

    Take your fuckin mask off and tell these fuckin tyrants to go pound fuckin sand.

  3. We should fall back on the Fauci disclaimer and since this study is not based upon a randomized clinical trial, and is really is just a post facto rationalization of uncontrolled data it is bunk. Also KU is gay and does not do serious anything, let alone science.


  5. Masks were used by Med staffs during the SARS outbreak in 2003. All the Embola outbreaks. Any measles patients.

    People have known this since the 1920's that masks prevent spread of disease. Why is this posted as news? Its not new. There are even pictures of masks being used in the great London plague, hundreds of years ago. Anything that filters 95% of all particles will prevent disease (N95 masks). Are people stupid? Do you think 3m has been making these n95 masks for decades for no real reason or purpose? Stupids is as stupid does! And if you smoke and dont wear a mask - your dead!

  6. n95 masks are electrostatic. They can grab a 1/2 micron particule and hold it due to the spun/woven charged fabric. maybe even down to 1/20th of a micron.

  7. n95's are NOT masks. The are legally called a "respirator". The are medical devices. They work as well as military gas masks in most cases.

    Masks are basically ill fitting paper things and are a last resort if you have nothing else. I would rather hold my breath than use a paper mask


    They're hoping you glance at the headline and believe it, or scan the article without engaging your brain.

    But what happens if you actually engage and think?

    The article is from WIBW, a Topeka KS local CBS affiliate, part of Gray Television, Inc. of Atlanta GA, which operates 145 stations across the country. The company was founded by James H. Gray, Sr., a Georgia politician and state Democratic Chairman.

    Gray led the fight to prevent the Georgia Democratic Party from adopting a platform embracing Civil Rights for all Americans regardless of race. He detested Martin Luther King, Jr., accusing the leader of openly defying Georgia laws. Gray was a staunch segregationist and fought to preserve the "Whites Only" status quo.

    Now, back to the fake study by Donna Ginther, KU Professor of Economics, titled "Do Face Masks Matter in Kansas". I don't want to spend the time to tell you about her background, but just know that The Sentinel debunked her results by actually examining the factual data.
    See here for part of their excellent coverage on the truth about coronavirus in Kansas:

  9. Kamala for real president10/31/20, 4:08 PM

    All you folks who think wearing a light weight mask is too onerous should simply not wear them then.

    Personally, I don't mind taking such a minor precaution.

    If they help, fine. If not, it's a very minor inconvenience.

    The uproar seems rather juvenile.

    If you should die as a result of not wearing one, too bad. Your problem.

  10. Then way were all the Intellectuals of the BLM protests filled with non mask wearing world leaders ? Please reply Byron.

  11. My dumbshit manager thought the virus was just a cold and never wore anything. He got it and died in May. The world is a better place without the asshole! Happy Halloween Billy Bob!

  12. All the shit flying-- but simplify it with a Doctor. Think those doods have an agenda ?--you probably do. I caught covid and sat in a room with 65% of other people who were positive (that's about 11 people tested positive, 5 who didnt). "Doc, how are you and the nurses not catching it". He said--"it's spread through respiration--you have a mask and I have a mask- that means the chances are about nill as long as we both wear em". Now, I caught it from a co-worker, after 2 minutes next to him. I have not tasted or smelled a thing in almost a month. This is real. My guess is that if you are a fat ass or alcoholic weed smoking Biden supporter it will damn near or will kill you. Then you can tell your teammates in Hell that you were wrong.

  13. I have read the obits in the KC Star for years. More than 30 yrs. Its shocking how the age of the dead suddenly includes MANY people young people 25 to 50. I have never seen that before ever. Something is up. Often it says Covid killed them. Before most people were age 65 to 95.

  14. Dave Trabert11/1/20, 7:43 AM

    WIBW joins the list of media that got snookered by the KU researchers. they chose a presentation method that masks the cumulative growth in cases. The counties with mandates went up 582% vs 260% for the other counties. KC Star and Eagle were notified they got taken, too, but won't respond to a call for clarification.

  15. I know someone who wears always masks, his wife won't ever. She got sick, not him. He swears by the mask. I would think it would block something, as its a physical barrier.


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