Progressive Kansas City Public TV Claims Racial Profiling Worsening

Arguments against police targeting motorists "Driving While Black" has been a constant refrain for years. Now, back from the journalistic abyss, Mary Sanchez helps explain how the trend hasn't improved despite more public data and a bi-partisan effort to curb suspected bias.

Take a look . . .

Decades of Data Suggest Racial Profiling is Getting Worse, Not Better

When Sierra Moore saw the flashing lights in her rearview mirror, one of her first thoughts was to text her husband - a precaution against what might happen next. As she waited for the officer to approach, Moore juggled fear and a mental checklist for how to handle just such encounters with law enforcement.


  1. Any idiot knowns you can manipulate statistics to create the outcome you desire. This is meaningless. More dumb stuff from far left.

  2. Why wouldn't it? On a percentage basis, black crime is out of control.


    Sick of the BLAME GAME. Fuck blm !! Contribute to the positive aspects of society, or accept the retribution for destructive, negative behavior!

    Also, fuck pbs, kcur and kshb.

  3. ^^^ Exactly. The only thing we, as a society have to show for kissing black ass for 75 years is riots, looting, violence and the promise of never ending parasites sucking off of the gubmint teat on our tax payer dollars for the foreseeable future.

    Fuck 'em and let them eat fish heads.

  4. Oh, and the Star!

  5. Black males aged 15-35 make up 3% of the nation’s population and are responsible for:

    53% of all mass shootings
    52% of all homicides
    42% of all murders of on-duty police
    30% of all rapes
    56% of all robberies
    33% of all aggravated assaults
    30% of all burglaries
    38% of all 'Violent Crime'
    33% of all crimes against 'families and children'

  6. “Progressive”- another way of saying lunatic

  7. 8:09 It is important to understand, that while the stats you report are accurate, they only report crimes that are solved!

    If you reasonably extrapolate these results and the percentages including "Unsolved" criminality, there is no doubt, that Black Americans are responsible for around 90% of all violent crime and the lion's share of the rest.

    But sure, let's hope that big corporations, the entertainment industry, the media, our politicians and the entire zeitgeist is preoccupied with "RACISM"!!!!

    Those poor, poor, poor "Protected Class" Victims!!!!

  8. Why are black people so worthless and stupid?

  9. Costco pulled the popular Chaokoh coconut milk made in Thailand off the shelves after allegations surfaced that the company uses forced monkey labor.

    The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) put out the findings of an investigation that found Monkeys in Thailand are kept chained, abusively trained and forced to climb trees to pick coconuts that are used to make milk and other products.

    Some monkeys used in the Thai coconut business are allegedly “illegally abducted from their families and homes when they’re just babies.” Monkeys are fitted with metal collars and kept chained, reportedly not allowed to socialize with others. Monkeys are then responsible for “twisting heavy coconuts” until they fall off, all while chained to metal collars, per PETA.

    Sounds like employment opportunities for some folks.


  10. Why doesn't progressive Kansas City Public TV talk about how profiling conservatives is worsening and how the progressive crowd is stealing signs, burning down cities, harming other people that they are suppose to be tolerant of, gas lighting, and their all around antisocial personality disorder aka psychopath. Mary Sanchez can point a finger but she has ten pointing back at her she is a racist too.

  11. The koloreds see that true racism has declined to near nothing and are scared that the free money train is going to be taken away from them, it’s always always always been about the money they’ve been getting for decades because some idiot kkkdemoncrap needed to buy the kolored vote, and it’s blown up into some multi billion dollar a year industry. I’ve personally seen three generations of those people living in the same house all making good money off of the government teat and demanding more. It’s really that simple, generations of koloreds have known only one thing, and it’s that as long as their perceived racism is alive, there is easy do nothing for ever money to be had and multiple layers of it to get..... don’t even get me started on the free trillions of dollars a year medical these lazy worthless bastards get.

  12. I could probably keep about 15% more of my paycheck if it wasn’t for the blacks. My life would be so much better if only I didn’t have to pay for all their welfare, abortions, hospital bills and education.

    Oops, I almost forgot about paying for their Escalades, two inch finger nails, weaves and gold teeth!

  13. Somebody is feeding Sanchez those statistics and telling her how to report them. She would never be able to do that on her own. Nor would it occur to her that traffic stops of black drivers are higher than of other drivers potentially for the same reason that blacks commit by far a higher portion of crimes than do other races; or that blacks often drive clunker cars that are pretty much moving unsafe vehicle violations. Nor would she think to ask the folks who compile those statistics to differentiate between types of stops, for instance after a car chase vs. to cite the driver for a malfunctioning taillight.

    Takes me back to the good ole days when the Star boasted its premier lineup of home grown columnists: Abouhalkah, Diuguid and Sanchez. The Star was the envy of Communist media rags everywhere!

  14. I know a lot of whites who have been pulled over for having a taillight out or something similar. Also, I don't believe a cop can search a vehicle after a regular traffic stop without the driver's permission.

  15. When it's dark out or the car has tinted windows, you have no idea who or what's driving. Street cops have known this forever.

  16. What a nice place Kansas City would be if all the colored people moved to St Louis or some other shithole.

  17. 12% population commits 70% crime. Not profiling, it's law enforcement.

  18. NEVER EVER use journalist and Mary Sanchez in the same sentence, it’s an insult and racist if you do.

  19. I DONT CARE ANYMORE!!!!!!!!

  20. I see more White people pulled over by cops and a few minorities. Most speeding tickets expired tags .There are hundreds of temporary tags.that have expired. They can't afford the car or the taxes. Come on man.


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