Friday, October 09, 2020

Politics Powers Higher KCK Electric Bills

Credit where it's due and for those who haven't seen it yet, our conservative pals break down the math and address consumer frustration in Kansas.


High electric rates fund big salaries at KCK Board of Public Utilities - The Sentinel

Kansas City, Kansas residents pay some of the highest electric rates in the region to the city-owned Board of Public Utilities, and their utility bills fund hefty salaries for staff. An Open Records request from the Sentinel's parent company, Kansas Policy Institute , for 2019 pay revealed a total payroll in excess of $52 million.


Charlie Horse said...

An apprentice lineman makes $156,000 a year? That's more than many programmers make and ten times more dangerous.

Anonymous said...

it seems to me that there's a need for a definition of "publicly owned utility" as per Kansas.

Anonymous said...

to give you an idea here are a couple of figures that denote the percentage of a residential water/electric bill for a small, single story home built in the early 1950's.

june of this year water/electric comprised just above 55.8% of the bill - the rest are fees of various nature.

september of this year water electric comprised right under 52.5% of the bill - rest are fees of various nature.

to be fair - trash service is $15.65 per month - included with the aformentioned fees.

we simply need our own water driven power plant{s} instead of contracting from out of town. I hate to think we're keeping other states afloat money wise when our own coffers here are bare. {kansas}.

Anonymous said...

BPU makes Russian gangsters look weak. They have been screwing people over for years. I get fed up and moved out of WYCO. The nepotism is unbelievable.