Parkville Mayor Arrest Aftermath

An evenhanded review of an embarrassing moment for a local politico that's completely relatable given the uptick in American drinking during the pandemic. 

Take a peek . . .

KMBC 9 Investigates: Parkville mayor, police chief respond to mayor's DWI arrest video

When a Platte County sheriff's deputy pulled over Parkville Mayor Nan Johnston on an early Saturday morning last month after she crossed a center line, the mayor told the deputy she swerved after receiving a text message.The deputy started asking more questions. Johnston eventually told Platte County Sheriff's Deputy Jordan Declue she had a beer around 5 p.m.


  1. She obviously expected special consideration. F--k her, drunk idiot.

  2. Sharice Davids shaved beaver10/19/20, 10:41 PM

    The mayor lady should be glad they only charged her with DWI and they didn't find the meth stash in her purse

  3. Platte county is THE worst county in the area to get busted for DWI. And, um, that mayor is kinda hot. May have to start hanging out around Parkville.

  4. @12:40, look at some of her un-retouched and far more recent photos first.

  5. Oh, I have. I think she is plump MILFeriffic.

  6. This was a laughable try at "do you know who I am". The deputy has no idea who the Parkville CoP is. Which, why would he? Epic fail, madam mayor, epic fail.


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