Sunday, October 25, 2020

Odds Favor Kansas City Chiefs Even In Snow

Quick betting guide for our compulsive gambler friends . . . Take a look:

Chiefs-Broncos Guide: How To Find the Value Despite Snowstorm

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Anonymous said...

Of course they favor the Chiefs, they’re the best team in the NFL! Go Chiefs!

Anonymous said...

All the pussies that are Bronco fans are so high they don’t care.

Anonymous said...

Why do they always show Mahomes face in everything. He's black you know. That's racist. Don't they have any white players to show? I have a great idea. Lets go to the nearest bar and have a coke and drink it with our masks on to appease Lucas. First one who gets a drink in his mouth wins.

Anonymous said...

^^Because he’s the best QB in the game, a tremendous talent, and a fantastic human being. The real question is why are you asking, but we all the answer to that. You’re a horrible person, a life loser, and hated by everyone who knows you.