Wednesday, October 07, 2020

Newsman Jimmy C Desperately Hypes 'Nonprofit' Partisan Hack Blogs Now That Kansas City Star Is Mostly Dead

Credit where it's due, this longtime Kansas City newsman has the inside scoop on a bunch of newsies hoping that donations will guide them through coronavirus harsh times. 

However, this link offers more insight in the trend:

E&P: Fox in the Hen House - How Partisan Sites are Papering Over Local News Void

Translation . . . It's just another online scheme hoping that people will pay to read what they already believe . . . Just like every right-wing news site, church bulletin and mommy blog.

Still, credit where it's due . . . Here's a great look at the team who will be cracking out "journalism" that's mostly partisan talking points with very little (if any) rebuttal.

Nationwide journalistic venture offers expanded coverage of state governments

One of the biggest casualties of the contraction and diminution of major metropolitan daily newspapers has been coverage of local and state governments. Where The Kansas City Star, for example, used to provide government coverage of most area municipalities and most county governments, only Kansas City's City Hall gets regular coverage now.


Bandit said...

Mostly dead? Necrophiliacs are lining up for their turn!

Anonymous said...

Mayor mcdumbo and bow tie the clown sLIE are paying the commie red star to stay open and in return get anti Trump stories and favorable stories telling about how great they are and how racist whitey is. How blm/antifa is “mostly peaceful” nothing was burned, destroyed or looted and even more stories about how whitey is privileged and racist. Does that sound about right?

Anonymous said...

By the way mike pence is kicking commie harris’s Ass!

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate that the article did not tell the entire story on this news outlet. Such as:

States Newsroom (formerly the Newsroom Network) consists of a number of left-of-center media outlets that cover state-level politics and policy and a Washington, D.C. bureau that claims to focus on congressional delegations and key Supreme Court decisions that specifically affect the states.

Before 2019, the Newsroom Network was a fiscally sponsored project of the Hopewell Fund, a left-leaning 501(c)(3) funding and fiscal sponsorship nonprofit managed by the Washington, D.C.-based consultancy firm Arabella Advisors, which manages multiple high-dollar left-leaning philanthropic organizations. [1] In 2019, States Newsroom re-branded and received independent nonprofit status.

A past job posting by States Newsroom referred to the organization as a “progressive political journalism startup.