Missouri Vaporware Hyperloop Stays Losing

Another important sign that Show-Me State transit schemes are mostly fantasy and yet another transit activist ploy to garner funds from broke-ass taxpayers.

Here's just a bit more hype and hope that misinformed envy will boost interest in a tech that's completely unproven and mostly plays on the imagination of amateur city planner geeks. 


Virgin Hyperloop chooses West Virginia, not Missouri, for test track

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Plans to bring a hyperloop to Missouri, connecting Kansas City and St. Louis in under 30 minutes, appear to have veered off course. Virgin Hyperloop announced Thursday that it will build its Hyperloop Certification Center in West Virginia instead.


  1. Kamala for real president10/8/20, 6:49 PM

    Gee, I am truly disappointed. This could have been even bigger that the toy train or un-needed airport.

    Perhaps Bunch could gather his gayguys and paint bike lanes from KC to StL.

    BLM could paint their crap between the two dimocrap ruIned shitties, so that the sterling EBT/BLM activists could be entertained while making their back and forth odysseys, re-infecting both shitties over and over.

    Just think, that St. Louis prosecutor and Petersucker could easily dart to and fro, exchanging valuable ideas on law enforcement.

    Just another dim wet dream for broke ass shitties who cannot even maintain the street in front of my home.

    West VA will take it in the ass on this one.

  2. Another failure for the accidental governor.

    The only positive thing Parson has brought to the state is his Covid test.


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