Missouri & Kansas Border War Must Wait

College delay news amid continued COVID scare . . . Here's the disappointment for the middle-class whilst more people realize that university life is a luxury they can no longer afford . . . Check-it:


Border War series between KU, MU delayed by one season

KU announced Tuesday that the upcoming six-game Border War series with Missouri will be delayed by one season. Kansas Athletics said it was because of the "difficult challenges COVID-19 has brought to the 2020-21 men's basketball season."This year's contest, which was scheduled at T-Mobile Center in Kansas City for Dec.


  1. $100,000 plus for each student to obtain a college degree is absolutely ridiculous. No wonder student debt is out of control.

    That's on top of a billion dollars each state's university system receives from the respective state's taxpayers.

    Tenured Professors earn $120,000 plus a year to work 9 hours a week, 8 months out of each year. Plus they have health insurance and pension plans students and their parents could only wish for.

    Governors need to get serious about reducing the layers of administration and get a handle on public universities skyrocketing payroll costs.

    or better yet, work to develop 2-3 year graduation plans to obtain a degree eliminating the non-essential liberal arts classes (general studies / general bullshit) that do nothing to enhance a student's knowledge for their chose profession.

    Sadly, the professors working only 9 hours a week have all the time in the world to organize riots and looting for the Marxist ANTIFA and BLM movements.

  2. Nobody gives a fuck about this so called "rivalry" anymore

    the people who did are now old and in nursing homes

    Mizzou left for a better conference and Kansas along with Bill Self pouted for a decade

    trying to re-establish this so called rivalry is a waste of time

    KU will stomp Mizzou in basketball
    Mizzou will stomp KU in football

    nobody cares

  3. Sounds like Missouri is scared....again.

  4. Screw KU - they pissed and moaned because Mizzou received an offer to join a better conference and KU was stuck in the Big 12 with the other loser schools.

    Nebraska, Colorado, Mizzou and Texas A&M got tired of the Longhorns controlling everything and made wise decisions to move on to better conferences.

    Big 12 football is now comparable to the Mountain West and Sunbelt conferences.


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