Midwest Worst Week EVAR For COVID-19

The numbers look dire and, despite the interesting theories of our conspiracy theorist friends, it doesn't look like the situation is going to improve any time soon.

Here's the best local report we could find on the plague attacking the Heartland . . . Take a look:

KC area, KS, MO, US set single-week record for new COVID-19 cases

The seven-county Kansas City metro, Kansas, Missouri and the U.S. all posted new records for the most COVID-19 cases in any week since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic from Oct. 24-30, according to the 41 Action News Daily COVID-19 Tracker.


  1. Dr. Fauci sez don't have Thanksgiving at your house or you will die of Covid - 19 !

    Don't eat Pumpkin Pie sez Dr. Fauci or you die !

    Don't eat a Drumstick sez Dr. Fauci or you die !

    Dr. Fauci sez it's risky to have Christmas this year or you will die !

    Dr. Fauci is a paper pushing government bureaucrat at the National Institute of Health for the last 50 years in charge of America's health.

    So why Dr. Fauci were you NOT prepared for a pandemic ?

    Why Dr. Fauci did you not have a strategic reserve of ventilators, masks, nurses gowns, latex gloves, hand sanitizer, and anti-biotics ?

    President Donald Trump bailed out Dr. Fauci's ass by Trump partnering with the private sector to manufacture masks, ventilators, PPE, anti-biotics etc.

    The manufacture of health products and equipment all have been shipped to Communist China in prior years (Biden's buddies).

    President Trump banned travel from Communist China and Europe in March.

    Not Fauci.

    Not Biden.

    Both opposed travel bans.

    Biden called the Communist China travel ban racist.

    Biden his in his basement for six months while President Trump partnered with the American Private Health Care Sector to fight corona virus.

    Now we find Biden is bought and paid for by the Communist Chinese; the very same people who launch corona virus from their Wuhan Lab.

    1. 220,000 dead and you disgusting ghouls are still playing politics. It's an infectious virus you fucking idiot, your political resentments don't mean shit.


    We get what TKC and the Democrats are doing. They are holding their constituents/readers hostage in a sense, making their lives miserable so they will vote for Joe Biden just to make the pain go away. Basically, it's extortion. "Want these lockdowns and riots to stop? You'd better not vote for bad orange man if you know what's good for you."

    The problem is that if you want safety, the situation will get much, much worse if you vote for Biden. The lockdowns will continue, and the economy will be devastated. If Sleepy Joe is elected and these governors are not taken to task for their overreach, their power-grabs will only increase while our freedoms will tank rapidly.

    Don't think a Biden win will placate these vindictive politicians who pass for Democrat governors and mayors. There will be no return to normalcy if voters change presidents. Attempts to placate the leftist mobs by voting for Biden are like paying terrorists not to terrorize and expecting that they will abide by your plea. Sure, they'll take the money...and then laugh at your stupidity as they commit more heinous acts.

  3. Thanks for doing practically nothing, Trump. Thanks for lying and lying and lying while 229,000+ Americans died. Thanks for showing the entire world how worthless a human being you really are. Thanks for destroying the economy unlike any President in modern history.


  4. ^ More testing creates more known cases.

    Covid-19 deaths are actually down but the Marxist Media does not report that.

    If the media released daily the number of pneumonia deaths, flu deaths, cancer deaths, heart attack deaths, homicide deaths, car accident deaths, diabetes deaths etc.; that would alarm everyone as well.

    Back in March and April; hospitals were virtually empty.

    President Trump sent a gigantic Red Cross ship to New York Harbor as Marxist Cuomo was saying all New Yorkers were in the hospital and dying.

    The Red Cross ship's beds were never used as Cuomo and DeBlasio and the media had exaggerated that their hospital beds were full.


  5. Hundreds of thousands have died all across the WORLD in every country due to Covid-19.

    But yes, let's blame Trump for a Communist Chinese developed virus developed at their Wuhan Lab.

    The very same Communist Chinese that Joe, Jim and Hunter Biden receive bribes from.

  6. The idea that the "Science Is Settled" on masks, or, for that matter on ANYTHING is preposterous. The CDC said don't bother to wear masks last month to Californians, during the hundreds of fires that sent air quality into the "Your gonna get lung cancer by tomorrow at lunch in this shit" levels because the smoke and ash particles were measured at 12 microns and that could get easily through a mask. The Covid sneeze particles are, for the most part, ONE FUCKIN MICRON. Jesus.

    The word science, by it's very definition, is the never ending, ongoing pursuit of more knowledge. 250 years ago, we were putting leeches on people in order to remove diseases and it was "Settled Science".

    We have come to the point, where even scientists are afraid to counter the bandwaggoning bullshit from the left, when they are engaged in the now so very familiar, "The Science Is Settled And My Scientist Can Kick Your Scientist's Ass".

    It's stupid, pernicious, counterproductive for all and destroys any confidence that the electorate has in "Experts".

    Dr. "Fuckin wrong on everything" Fauci said "Don't wear a mask". Then, do wear a mask. So has the CDC. I won't even quote the brain dead, blood simple, death grinding stupidity coming out of the corrupt, bought and paid for, so called "World Health Organization".

    It's a fuckin joke.

    The pressure from politicians who want societies destroyed in order to acquire power is intense, pervasive and effective. The largest "Mask" study EVAR, is being suppressed.




    The "Mask" controversy is about control and manipulation, NOT your health. If you think for a fuckin minute, that these politicians give a fuck if you live or die, then you need to quit huffin fuckin paint.

    It's sickening. In Barnes & Nobel when you walk in the front door, there it is, a hardcover book, with the picture of Andrew Cuomo, titled, "American Crisis; Leadership Lessons From The Covid 19".

    What a fuckin disgrace this is. The guy is guilty of 10 to 15,000 cases of Involuntary Manslaughter and what happens? He gets a fuckin book deal, because he is a Progressive.

    Sick, sick, sick shit.

    Take your fuckin mask off and tell these fuckin tyrants to go pound fuckin sand.

  7. The dimwit narrative is collapsing before their very eyes, there’s medication now that is preventing deaths and that means they’re scared and desperate, but go ahead you dumbass dimwit followers, take one for the team and die, do exactly as they say, don’t take those scary drugs and vaccines that will save you, that’ll just leave more for the people who deserve to live as opposed to the doom and gloom crowd of morons that don’t. You people are an absolute waste of breath and not worthy of living.

  8. But... but... but... it's Halloween, and the Great Pumpkin has promised Covid will go away next Wednesday. So why worry???

  9. I remember watching Good Morning America on ABC and their medical experts were telling Americans NOT to wear masks in February and early March which I thought was dumb.

    The left-wingers were saying masks were counter-productive as moisture gathered in the masks. They went on to say that citizens should not be buying masks or the hospitals would run out.

    Remember that discussion multiple times on ABC and NBC and now they have flipped their story. The Media and Democrat Party didn't have a clue what to do in Feb / March and Joe Biden was hiding in his basement.

    The Marxist Media and Democrat Party leaders were also saying corona virus was spread by bats as they were trying to protect their Communist Chinese friends.

  10. Well done chuck, the dimwit narrative is death of those they don’t like at all costs, if it takes tens of thousands of their own followers they don’t care. This is what following the dimwit party gets you, a pine box, a six foot hole and if you’re a good soldier they may even give you a grave marker.

    Does everybody remember all those people in New York that died? They dug a big ass 1/2 mile long trench, stacked dead people in pine boxes four deep and four wide and pushed dirt on top of them with a bulldozer and not a grave marker in sight. The only good news is this happened in dimwit controlled New York so they’ll be thousands less basement joe voters.... unless of course coumo the magnificent votes for them!

  11. I’d youre fat, stupid, ugly, a kcps graduate and a demoncrap then by all means wear a mask, keep you’re filthy deadly germs to your self, in the basement where you belong! you’ll die if you don’t! Hahahahaha!

  12. The whole hospitals are getting over loaded is another damn lie, my doctor told me this week that all covid patients are going to research hospital and they are the only ones taking covid patients, he said they were at about 75% capacity right now. If they get full they’ll go to the other designated hospital until research has room.

    Remember, this is for the entire metro area including the smaller rural areas that can’t handle the more serious covid cases. That’s a couple million people in that large an area. Totally wipes out the dimwit narrative doesn’t it.

  13. ^^^ Exactly, the nurse who lives across the street from me and works in the Covid Ward at Research said the same thing.

  14. The infection rates go up when there is more testing.


  15. OK, 10:15, tell us exactly what Trump should have done, and when, and on what authority, and how many deaths there would be if he had. And explain your reasoning.

    Not to forget that Biden called Trump a xenophobe for the actions he did take, and Pelosi and De Blah-sio both invited one and all to their cities' Chinese New Year celebrations. There certainly would have been fewer deaths if Democrat Governor Cuomo had not required nursing homes to accept covid infected patients.

    What evidence do you have that Biden (or any other national Democrat) would have done anything different in Trump's place?

  16. Oh yah, just drink some bleach. The virus has turned so many corners...it's dizzy! Lock Trump up. He is a criminal.

  17. A positive test result is not an active infection. How many are false positives? Even the NYT says it could be more than 90%. According to the Missouri Covid dashboard, KC area hospitals and ICUs are sitting at 35% empty right now. We are not being overwhelmed by Covid infections. Seriously.

  18. Questions:

    If we are ALL to wear masks to prevent spread and the medical experts/media have shamed others for not wearing, WHY is voting advertised no mask required?

    And WHY aren't any medical experts/media speaking up about the hypocrisy?

    Do we suspend the science just to make sure Trump is not re-elected?




    I'm going to give you statistics directly from the CDC:

    State --- State Population --- Cases in Last 7 days
    Missouri --- 6.1M --- 18,652
    Kansas --- 2.9M --- 8,951

    Maryland --- 6M --- 5,794
    Massachusets --- 6.9M --- 8,334
    New York --- 19.4M --- 14,128 (NY state + NYC)
    Florida --- 21.4M --- 27,790
    Texas --- 29M --- 41,879
    California --- 39.5M --- 30,053

    The CDC is reporting that Missouri (with a population less than 1/3 that of New York) has 4,524 more cases in the last 7 days than NY. How can you attempt to explain that statistical anomaly? Given that we're talking about 2 states in the same country, and an identical virus that is transmitted in the same manner, New York should have 3X as many cases as MO, if not more due to the extreme density of the NYC metro.

    Similarly, how is it possible that largely rural Kansas (with a population less than half that of MA) has more cases in the last 7 days than Massachusetts?

    Do you believe that COVID-19 has been politicized and weaponized?
    You do understand that people are willing to do that in a national election year, right?
    Do you still believe the reporting from corporate news sources which have openly allied themselves with one political party?

    Do you think MO has more reported cases than NY because MO is a red state (2 Republican Senators) and NY is a blue state (2 Democrat Senators)?
    Do you think KS has more reported cases than MA because KS is a red state (2 Republican Senators) for federal offices and MA is a blue state (2 Democrat Senators)?
    Do you think TX has more reported cases than CA because TX is a red state (2 Republican Senators) and CA is a blue state (2 Democrat Senators)?


  20. 3 days, MAGATS! Say goodbye to the Great Pumpkin! VOTE HIM OUT! LOCK HIM UP!

  21. New cases but how many died?

  22. Yes Covid kills already older and sick people that would die soon anyway. But if a gunman with a machinegun was allowed to go into nursing homes and kill the sick wouldn't that be a national outrage?

    Just cause its a secondary cause of dead, that breaks the camel's back, doesnt mean it should be ignored.

  23. The Corona Hoax continues. 2.8 million people die in this country every year due to natural and unnatural causes. We shut down our economy and our way of life for 200,000 Corona Wuhan Flu deaths.


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