Thursday, October 22, 2020

Leaders Hope 'Raytown United' Curbs Crime

Not so long ago this local suburb suffered an EPIC CUT IN POLICE and their longstanding crime problem grew even worse . . . Almost immediately afterward.

Today, there's a hope the vague plan backed by COMBAT anti-crime taxpayer cash will help reverse the trend that started in the mid-80s.

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Raytown launches new anti-crime program with focus on youth

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - A new crime prevention program in Raytown will focus on helping young people who may become exposed to violent crime. The program, called "Raytown United," officially launched Thursday afternoon at a news conference with law enforcement and community leaders, including Jackson County Prosecutor Jean Peters Baker and Raytown Police Chief Robert Kuehl.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see this.

Kuehl, with his diversity of experience, may be the first step in in unraveling a longtime tiresome clique of current and former elected officials, staff, and retired city employees that need to be broken up and dispersed.

Raytown needs all the help it can get.

We need more QUALIFIED leaders.

Clayton Bigsby said...

Youths is keyword for nigger teens

Anonymous said...

Grew up in Raytown.
Raytown has taken such a nosedive, it's doubtful that it will ever recover.
When I'm forced to drive through it, some of the irresponsible, angry, forceful driving behavior belies this change.

Anonymous said...

Will the prosecutor's office have time for this in between charging police officers?

Anonymous said...

"Raytown has taken such a nosedive, it's doubtful that it will ever recover."

Agreed. They would need to relocate 3/4 of current residents that have moved in in the last 5 years, stop selling to our of town landlords, tear down the subsidized apartments, and close the borders to the west. Oh, and close the WalMart.