Thursday, October 15, 2020

Lawsuit Claims Kansas Troopers: Creepers

A glimpse at allegations of law enforcement misdeeds from the inside . . . Here's a peek at another hit for the 2020 "Law & Order" campaign . . .


Female troopers allege harassment, intimidation inside the Kansas Highway Patrol

Two Kansas highway patrolmen are out of jobs, and their dismissal is sparking an investigation into allegations of inappropriate treatment of female troopers in the division.Some female troopers have alleged the patrol is a "good ole boys" club, littered with harassment and intimidation.


Anonymous said...

Used to work with cops in a job back in the day..some good guys..but a HIGH percentage of douchebags..the chicks likely have a point..

Anonymous said...

There are pricks in all lines of work, even the KHP.

Anonymous said...