Thursday, October 29, 2020

Lamar Hunt Mansion Losing Money

Real estate doesn't matter to dead people who are now worm food . . . However, despite a great deal of housing hype during the pandemic, not even football glory from beyond the grave can retain its value amid pandemic harsh times. 


Photos: Napa Valley mansion owned by Kansas City Chiefs tycoon gets $8 million price cut

The price of a Napa Valley vineyard ranch owned by Norma Hunt and the late Lamar Hunt - sports pioneer and longtime owner of the Kansas City Chiefs - has been reduced by $7.95 million to $12 million. Click here if viewing from a mobile device.


Anonymous said...

Jackson County taxpayers need to give Clark Hunt $8 million to subsidize the loss on his NAPA Valley Ranch like taxpayers do for Clark's Arrowhead Stadium.

Anonymous said...

Poor Clark. I feel compassion for him.

Anonymous said...

They had to cut it because if dementia joe wins the election then his property won’t be worth a dime. Remember people, Clarkie probably doesn’t care what it sells for, he didn’t buy it to begin with, his mom and dad did so whatever money it gets sold for is still money in the bank.

Anonymous said...


Lamar was the son of Haroldson Lafayette Hunt Jr., an adulterous gambler who never went to high school. H.L. Hunt had 15 children by 3 women, and his 1st born son was lobotomized. Hunt was part of the group that conspired to assassinate President John F. Kennedy!!!

Anonymous said...

I hope the prick goes broke and is seen in the crowd of eviction haters.