Thursday, October 29, 2020

KC Water Now Hiring

As their rates continue to rise, this local utility is looking to add more workers. Reality check: As long as there are people, there will be a need for water . . . So there might actually be a bit of job stability for this line of work. Moreover, this is where most city hall employees get dumped when they don't work out at 12th & Oak . . . So they really aren't too picky. 

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We're Hiring: KC Water looking to fill 180 jobs in varying fields

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With almost 25,000 fire hydrants, 2,800 miles of sewer main, and 478,000 residents served, KC Water has a big job to do and they are looking for help getting it done.


Anonymous said...

It should say, "Hiring Black People Only".

Anonymous said...

I agree it should say hiring blacks only because that's the truth. If by a slim chance a white person does get hired make sure you carry a pack of cigarettes.

Anonymous said...

HR in its glory. Needs highly paid experienced people to ignore an ultimate corrupt dept.

Anonymous said...

There has been over 10,000 good paying jobs offered in the kc metro area over the past three weeks, why isn’t the free rent crowd taking advantage of this?

The water dept is a pud job that pays at least $18 or more an hour. The easiest job they have is pushing a broom and that pays $14 an hour, anybody including kcps graduates can push a broom, easy as hell money right there and you only have to work a half day on Friday and get paid for 8hrs.

Same old crap said...

10:55. It's still work. When they get free shit all the time why work.