Monday, October 12, 2020

Kansas Right-Wing Amateur Scientists Denounce COVID-19 Stats From Colonel Sanders

We're linking this because it's entertaining and we advise everybody to take this debate with a pinch of salt and maybe some cough drops . . . Hack right-wing pay-for-play pundits have declared war on the Sunflower State public health honcho who is also an iconic chicken man doppelganger. Tje stat game is far too silly and boring to try and decipher.

Reality check: This is a political debate and not based on science or health data.

Take a peek . . . If you're not chicken.

Kelly admin irresponsibly trying to scare Kansans into submission - The Sentinel

Governor Laura Kelly and KDHE Secretary Dr. Lee Norman should be providing comprehensive information that puts COVID in context but instead, they're fearmongering and manipulating data to scare Kansans into submission. They treat people like children who need to be told how to behave.


Anonymous said...


There once was a Norman,
named Lee
Whose cronies with no-bid contracts,
Went on a spending spree.

But the dollars were public,
Not private investment
The KBI looked,
And did an assessment.

Bad news for Granny,
And chicken-man Sanders
A 1-way ticket to Leavenworth,
The jury didn't believe they were bystanders.

The lesson is clear,
If you're paying attention
Falsify facts about the virus,
And you go to detention.

Anonymous said...

LOL anyone the left of stalin or dares to question the (((msm))) narrative is right wing.

This is a globalist bolshevik coup attempt.

Anonymous said...

Tony does not think we can think for ourselves and should worship at the feet of "experts". Tony is an amateur journalist.